Would you want to be the 1%ers or 99%er of the biker world? (Not talking about Occupy Wall street either)

Outlaw Bikers often referred to as 1%er live outside societies rules and regulations. These individuals want to choose their own path in life without having to answer to anyone. You see the lifestyle portrayed in the show Sons Of Anarchy on FX. Gun running, drug dealing biker gangs that rule the town in which they stay. Is that the true 1%er depicted on the T.V? To some extent individuals who choose the 1% lifestyle involve themselves in that activity. Others in the lifestyle choose to where that 1%er patch because they hare the hardcore of the hardcore. Personally I do not believe in order to be a Outlaw Biker one has to be apart of a club that is designated an Outlaw Club. I know many a good brothers that are just as hardcore then some in the club scene but choose to ride on their own.

Many a hardcore Peckerwoods and Latino’s in the joint are fierce and loyal to the path that they have chosen. Instead of being in the club scene they choose to enjoy the lifestyle and tag of being an Outlaw Biker without the fan fare of the patch. Those who do ride in the club scene are no less then those individuals who choose not to join club life. Many times these patch holders are put through the ringer in the form of prospecting and probationary periods in which they have to prove they have what it takes to be apart of the club. During this process dedication and loyalty are the key and it isn’t for the faint of heart. I do need to add that regardless of whats portrayed on t.v most of these individuals have regular full time jobs and family to take care of at home. When their responsibilities are taken care of they choose to live the lifestyle to the fullest.

Then their is the 99%ers. This is what category most will fall into. They want to ride their scooters and enjoy the lifestyle but see no need to take it to the extreme. Nothing is wrong with this either as long as your not being a fake about who you are. Many times I’ve seen some guys walking into a bar and cause shit because they are on bikes and sporting leathers. Most of the time people see who they truly are because they are getting the shit kicked out of them. They are put in their place. If your not a fighter don’t try and be that tough guy. Do you and no one else.

99%ers are a very important group within the biker culture. They help in all types of organizations like ABATE or Toys for Tots as well as hundreds of different causes across the wold. It is said the Bikers are the most giving and understanding group of hard working folks out there. I tend to agree with that statement.

So what type of biker are you? Comments are welcome and encouraged. What is your vision on a 1%er or 99 %er?


Does riding a Harley a must to be considered an authentic biker?

I believe this to be an excellent question for a debate. Most everything associated with the biker culture comes back with individuals dressed in all leather riding a Harley Davidson. I personally believe that to be a false image in modern times. Back in the day Harley Davidson was the symbol of being Made in America. Now a days that is one of the biggest falsehoods. Harley Davidson is no longer a full American Made Bike. If anyone visits the factory you would see a ghost town. They are now assembling engine components in India, China, Mexico. How is that an all American made Scooter? Harley Davidson has built it’s brand enough where it has everyone fooled into thinking that’s what makes a biker.

In this writers thinking a scoot is not the issue. The biker is made by who the man is, what he is can be determined by his actions and words. Not some scooter he rides. A motorcycle does not know how to get to a brother when he is in need. A scooter is not there beside you when you have 3 guys in a bar fight trying to beat the hell outta you. The motorcycle is the symbol in which all bikers have a common purpose. A biker is the man you have standing in front of you offering his assistance when needed without any questions asked.

I find in quiet funny when going out to rallies and other events you hear all those who have Harley’s making fun out of those with the Jap Bikes. I often can’t help myself to go up to one of those Rubs and say” Your making fun outta that Honda Shadow over there but did you know that it’s actually more American Made then that Harley you only bring out on the weekends?” They look at me in amazement. It’s true though the Honda Motorcycle is made in Georgia. Yep American made guys. See the Japanese it’s bad to say built a better running and solid bike then what the company is putting out. The company has decided since it has all those Rubs out there they don’t need your business. Prices are outrageous for the product they are putting out and will only stay that way because us idiots keep paying for the name that has put us out on the curb.

If you look at Jap bikes you will see attention to detail, better running product and prices the common man can afford. The Honda Shadow is a great example. It is a very nice looking ride and is water cooled. It’s priced where everyone could afford it if they wanted too. Honda is coming out with some good aftermarket parts to spruce it up. I once seen a Honda Shadow with Ape Hangers, lowered, white walls and powder coat that would make any Harley look bad. The biggest think I think the Japs have over Harley is the reliability factor. Reliability when your going cross country is something that is needed in the scooter.

The point of the story here is you really need to think about what makes someone a biker. Looking around at rallies if your new too them everyone looks the same. But for those that have been around the scene can tell you who is the real thing and who is not. Anyone can get the leathers and Harley and act the part from watching Sons of Anarchy. Look closer then just pure image that person is giving off. A Harley doesn’t make the biker, a biker is made by his heart. Remember also the next time if one of your friends works two jobs and can only afford that Honda to ride, remember to stand up for the brother when assholes want to make fun of his ride because it’s a Honda or Yamaha. Look deep into that individual and see if you see someone that is true or just acting the part because he has that 20,000 Harley.

Sons of Anarchy-Good for the Biker Image or Not?

I’ve been a huge fan of the Sons of Anarchy show since the first season. The show reminds me of the stories I heard from many old timers how the clubs were in the 1960’s and 70’s with the exception of women having so much influence on the clubs. Sons of Anarchy has brought some really good old school values to the viewership. Honor,Brotherhood,Suffering as a club together. The relationships between the characters embody some of the lifestyle we hold dear. 

On the other hand though the show depicts biker clubs in a light that isn’t true at all. Yes some of the clubs out there engage in illegal activity. I doubt none to the extent the show portrays. If you really think about it if clubs did what the show portrays you would see a totally different underworld if bikers ran things. Think about this. What if all the major big four motorcycle clubs joined forces? Now that would be a hell of a sight. I would expect then you would see some of the things that are happening in the Sons of Anarchy happening in real life.

The show has brought a lot of attention to the lifestyle. Some good and some bad. The good is many more people are going out and starting to enjoy the lifestyle. It’s this writers hope that the new jacks coming in will learn the right way of acting. Brotherhood is something that is earned first and foremost. Don’t go out there calling everyone Brother! Don’t throw the word around like it’s nothing. Get to now people. Yea many people ride sleds but that doesn’t mean you take long showers with them like Clint Eastwood would say. 9 times out of 10 that person you were calling brother turns out to be an idiot. Learn how to work on your machine. The dealership isn’t in the middle of no where when you break down. 

As for the show Sons of Anarchy. Yes it’s very entertaining but it is a show. Don’t go out there expecting that everyone you meet is like Jax or Clay. I would suggest not going out there acting like them either. You do that your bound to get a good ass whooping. The biggest thing you don’t want to do is go out and start a club with your buddies. Their is rules on the street about starting up clubs. Go to some parties and get to know the clubs before going out on your own. The club scene is an awesome place if you know the rules and the ones in charge. I often laugh at those I see wearing the Sons of Anarchy shirts. To a clubber your wearing a 3 piece patch from California. Guys in clubs look at it and might think its whatever. But get one of those old school bikers who are in a club and they might not think it’s so cute. Honestly I cannot believe that the show would release that kind of merchandise. They have to know that some people would not look at the shirts all that well.

So what do you think? Has the Sons of Anarchy been a good thing for our lifestyle or no?

What the Biker Lifestyle really about?

Well like most bikers the bug probably hit you when growing up as a snot nose little punk. I remember some saddle tramps that lived next door to me. I use to love seeing them pull up in their driveway long hair, tattoos and Harley’s. That image always stuck in my head. Someone who just did what they wanted when they wanted. I love the Biker lifestyle. It’s been much more then just the wind in the face like most yuppie bikers like describing. It’s about doing what you want and living the life you want to live. I always hated being around most people. I can hardly count on one finger the friends I really have. People are fake 90% of the time. They either try to play something they are not or their money does the talking for them.

I remember growing up and all the way up to the early 90’s customs like a bitch belonged on the back and not in control of a sled. That has been one thing that has really been lost in the lifestyle. The acceptance of a wanna be biker bitch riding her own sled. Is nothing freaking sacred anymore? Really take a look at that scenario. A women likes to get all dressed up and play biker, walks into a bar and gets upset because all the other bikers look at her because shes a piece of meat. Sorry the world I grew up in the broad in the bar usually rode a pole center stage. Now even worse these days is women with patches in so called clubs. Really? How the hell is a women going to back up that patch? Even worse I see it as a real club comes by and just strips the patch and the men in the club if they haven’t already get stomped trying to defend the women. A patch doesn’t belong on a women unless of course it’s a Property of Patch.

Oh no I bet I hit a nerve with some of you out there. I’m a male pig is what your probably thinking. Well truth is the truth. This lifestyle is and always will be a male lifestyle. You didn’t see women in Hollister now did ya? This country is all politically correct now a days and that’s a shame. The biker lifestyle belongs to the blue collar workers out there. The thousands of men who work day in and day out to make ends meet and being a biker is the chance to blow off some steam and let loose. Now the PROFESSIONALS get wind of our little lifestyle and want to play biker.

Harley Davidson was built on the backs of Blue Collar Workers. If it wasn’t for us the dam company would’ve went under long ago. As these posers started to get into middle age they had a crises. Instead of going out spending thousands on corvettes they decided to play biker for the weekend. They wanted their cake and eat it too. I laugh because I can always pick them out at a party. Most of the time they are getting their ass kicked because of their loud mouths. But they are the ones with the 50,000 chopper from that joke OCC. Or spending $30,000 on a tricked out Dresser. I want to play biker but don’t understand the lifestyle one bit. I laugh when Jesse James was in the news about that whole crap with Sandra Bullock. Really? People are surprised at what happened? Well if the idiots would’ve understood Jesse was a brother from the streets and lived the lifestyle they would’ve been able to understand him. He’s for real- He built a business with sweat, only problem is he let the fame get to him like he has admitted. Any of us saddle tramps would’ve tapped as much pussy as he did if the chance was given. That’s who we are DUH?

Well I look forward to receiving comments from everyone. God knows that some might not like what was said. Too dam bad the truth hurts. It is what it is LOL/