How to start an M/C- Welcome to the new Wrinkle Balls M/C Part 1

Hey blow dicks hope all you have been doing well this week. I decided for this article to give some basic advice on how to start an M/C and what the Confederation of Clubs are all about. Personally I feel enough clubs already exist all over the country and if you and your fellow dick jerkers want to start one then your probably a fuck nut who don’t want to earn the rags but rather buy them. To each his own I guess, but I can bet you a million bucks that you will feel more accomplished going through the process of prospecting and earning the patch the right way then just buying the dam things. With that said I wanted to give you all dick eaters a way to do it the right way. What ever you all do stay away from getting a charter from them ass pumpers Iron Order. Yes they might look like a good route to go, let me assure you in the end the rags they have are not even worth the toilet paper to wipe your ass with. See they like to fill the ranks with child molesters and rats. Two things that should never be apart of any M/C.

So lets get started class. You are sitting there with your butt buddies drinking and playing with each others balls around a fire dreaming of being Billy Bad Ass. After All you are all decked out in your Sons of Anarchy shirts and each one of you wishing you were Jax Teller. So as the night goes along you and the rest of your ball hairs are throwing around names of what the club can be called. You sit there trying to come up with the most intimidating name you can. After you fags come up with your name now is the time to come up with a design and half ass bylaws. By morning you all have agreed to form the Wrinkle Balls M/C and want to run out to the nearest store to have your patches made up. Let’s stop all your wet dreams of becoming Jax Teller for a second and let me get you on the right path before the Wrinkle Balls M/C gets castrated by the local 1% club for being a bunch of dumb shits.

If you and your buddies are just dead set on starting a club then let’s get you on the right path. Most Monkey Cocks who just start riding don’t understand the importance of protocol. See way back when you were a little baby sucking on your mommies tit, scooter tramps were fighting for your rights to ride sleds and put on patches. The old timers went through hell. They were considered to be a scourged in society and the pigs just loved screwing with them. The lifestyle they belonged too was hard fought. Both in blood and in time. So everyone wonders why if you don’t do the process the right way why your little Wrinkle Balls M/C is screwed with. This is the exact reason why your screwed with. Blood and time in the joint can make some old scooter tramps as well as current ones a bit upset with new clubs just doing what they want to do.

You will hear a lot about how “This is a free country” and why should I have to ask permission? Well sweet dick you can do it the right way, join a faggot LEMC or get your pretty teeth kicked in. Really only 3 choices to choose from. Can’t get no more democracy then that. So with those in mind you decide to do the right thing and want to ask your local dominate club how to go about getting your shit up and going. Stop right there in your tracks monkey cum. Before you even get to that step you want to get to know your local 1%er club. You need to get to know the members of that club by becoming a supporter. I can tell you that the 1%er club sure the hell won’t give you a sanctioned club if they don’t know you.

So let’s suppose you followed the protocol and started supporting your local 1% club. Hopefully by doing this you seen the errors of your ways, deciding instead to join one of the many other sanctioned clubs that you would’ve been exposed too supporting your local 1% club. If you still chose not to get involved with one of the many other clubs then whats the next step? That dick turds will be discussed in the next blog post “How to start an M/C- Welcome to the new Wrinkle Balls M/C Part 2”.

I’ve decided to run a 3 part blog series on this subject in the hopes of steering people in the right direction. My hopes are that any of you seriously thinking about starting something up on your own will do it the right way. Doing things the right way will get your club off too a good start. You never want to be labeled like an Iron Order for example. You don’t ever want to be perceived as a LEMC. For those who don’t know what that stands for its “Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club”. Those are the worse of the worse clubs around. They try bullshitting potential recruits into thinking they are a sanctioned M/C, when in reality they are just a bunch of Pigs trying to play bad ass. They have scammed a lot of otherwise good people into thinking they are the real deal. So run if you ever have one of them come up to you. No one ever wants to be called a rat. This coming Monday April 27th Part 2 will be out. Until then follow on Twitter @Topfuelabd


So who are these ABATE Chapters? And what do they stand for?

Well to put it frankly ,you in the un-educated cess pool of human beings, Abate is the reason you dumb craps have any rights at all. This organization consists of thousands of bikers who actually give a shit what them pretty girlie men and women who are the powers to be are doing. See if it wasn’t for ABATE you would be riding around with a lid in every dam state. You also would be overwhelmed by all kinds of dumb ass legislation from pricks who can’t get it up with their ol ladies or are to busy banging some little paige in the US Senate. They are also dam good at putting the word out to all those Cage drivers to watch out for you dumb shits on the highway.

So where did this whole concept of ABATE start? In the 1970’s the hay day of the baddest ass decade for bikers, A dude named Lou Kimzey who was the editor of Easy Riders Magazine started the movement. See choppers were huge back then and our dumb shit legislatures thought they were unsafe and started passing all kinds of laws. It pissed a lot of scooter tramps off cause these bunch of fags didn’t ride at all but wanted to tell them what to do. Shit sounds like the bunch of Liberal fucks we have all over the country now. Yep originally Lou said ABATE meant “American Bikers Against Totalitarian Enactments”. Which if you were riding back during the 70’s you would’ve understood why a lot of old scooter tramps couldn’t stand the government.

Abate has also done great in educating those who ride. They have started many programs gear towards motorcycle safety for riders. With the influx of new riders in the lifestyle I truly believe in this program. Most old scooter tramps like myself started out young riding. Over the years I can’t even count how many miles I’ve put on. With those miles came a lot of hard earned lessons. Yes a couple dumps here and there, but most importantly I’ve lost a lot of brothers and friends. Some died because of rookie mistakes and some died by cagers while others died because of stupidity. A motorcycle is like a loaded gun. If it isn’t respected it will come back and let you know. Take for example drinking your ass off and getting on a sled. Yep more then likely you will be on the pavement somewhere dead or wishing you were dead. Beer,Whiskey and broads go with the lifestyle, but shit don’t be stupid about it. It only gives the ones who like to bitch about what we do ammo to use against us. They have been using that argument against ABATE for years. Here is a organization that is suppose to be about safety and all you see is a bunch of middle age bikers getting shit face. Yep been hearing that a million times.

I believe ABATE has helped to really bring society to our side of the fence. Yep I know your sitting her thinking that I bitch a lot about fake asses all the time so what makes ABATE different? After all alot of those I bitch about being fake are members of ABATE.  Well if you truly read my posts then you will notice a theme to what I say. I bash those who act like something they are not. When you have someone who is 50 years old and just hopping on a sled for the first time acting a fool then ya, he’s an asshole. His actions make the rest of those who’ve been riding for years and living the lifestyle also look like assholes. Or the same dick turd goes around wearing a dam Sons of Anarchy Patch screwing with citizens making legit clubs look like assholes. I believe ABATE takes and molds these jerk offs into reality. Especially before they wind up killing themselves or someone else being a milk tard. Or even worse a club member getting a hold of them and beating the shit out of them.

So what do I mean about molding someone? Well that’s just another way of saying schooling someone. Just like a prospect in a club, people entering the lifestyle need to be educated on the do’s and dont’s. First thing is take a motorcycle course. No shame in learning how to ride a sled, especially if it’s your first time and your a new jack at it. Who knows the course might save your life one day. The next big thing I see ABATE doing is showing these New Jacks who join how to act. This is a very important thing to everyone in the lifestyle. Most of the time new jacks will see members of a 3 piece patch club in attendance and can get the vibe on protocol and how things are done. Most important I think people get a sense of just how important being in the lifestyle is. The lifestyle is the best thing out there. It’s a place where you can experience true freedom. I guess the most important thing I can say is don’t be a fuck head and screw it up by being a dumb ass. Get involved with organizations like ABATE. You will get to meet some pretty cool people, if your lucky you will meet some old timers that have been around and get to hear all the stories of raising hell, beer,bikes and babes.

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Weekly look at fake ass LEO Clubs. Up This Week Punishers M/C

One of my favorite subjects pussy juices. I guess our lifestyle has really evolved since Hollister. Yes we now have Pig clubs flying colors all over the world. Sad but true these little turd balls are running around with 3 piece patches, shit even throwing territory patches on them so called rags. I guess the brotherhood of blue wasn’t enough for these dick hairs they had to go and try to replicate Outlaw clubs. I guess the day jobs of these droopy tits wasn’t enough for them. Maybe they didn’t get to harass everyone enough while they were on the job, they had to extend that time after hours.

I really don’t get these people at all. They wear a badge during the day and at night they go out acting like the people they want to bust on the job. It’s a known fact even some of people that work with them can’t understand the way they think. I guess these people got beat up in High School and have a need to be pumped up jag dicks 24 hours a day to make up for the small pecker between the legs lol.

So lets dive right into one of these dick less wonders of a club. They call themselves the Punishers Motorcycle Club. The mission statement says just how ass nine these people think. From dumb shits own website. PUNISHERS LE/MC is structured and operates as a traditional Motorcycle Club, governed by rules and by-laws, with elected Officers seeing to the day to day business. We are NOT a 1% club and we do not associate with 1% clubs. We do not interfere with the business of any other MC, nor do we lay claim to any territory – our members wear bottom rockers to simply indicate which chapter they belong to. We respect your rights and expect the same in return.

Lets dissect this mission statement shall we. They claim to operate as a regular motorcycle club but wear a 3 piece patch. I guess smurf tits didn’t get the memo that you just don’t throw on a 3 piece and claim not to be a Outlaw Club. See smurf dicks you should’ve designed your faggot patch in a 1 piece design. Well that’s what normal people do with Rc’s. Second you don’t put an M/C on your back without going through the proper channels. See you pussy drips are going against a tradition that has been around way before your daddy let one loose in your mommy. You dumbshits wonder why your targeted by the bigger clubs and supporters. Next is your state rocker. That’s a huge no in the motorcycle club world. That’s a territory sign to other M/C’s dumb shits. The funniest of them all is the statement. “We respect your rights and expect the same in Return”. All I can do is shake my head. Morons and cunt hairs come to mind. Why the hell should anyone respect you wannabee idiots after you all disrespecting everything about our world?

Yes by the way information above was received at . Now back on the respect kick you troll cunts want. A link on your page tells people interested in your little cock show to email u if they are interested in joining. Ouch. Broke another unwritten rule shit stains. Why the hell would any club (Even if it’s a Leo Club) invite people off the streets, with no attachment to anyone of your brothers, no one to verify them join the club? A club is a brotherhood dumb dicks. It takes time and energy to verify a brother is just that. A Brother. Don’t know about you fags but I sure the hell wouldn’t want someone I didn’t know around my brothers, family and friends. Knowing you ass cracks you are probably filled with child molesters. It’s a valid point. Come on your taking people off the internet. Word of advice. Those who seek out a club on the internet are the ones who have no balls to walk up to a club member and ask  “How do I join?” Simple 4 words that show they have some kind of balls or interest in what the club is about.

Now lets move onto your ” Honor,Loyalty,Respect”. What the hell would you bunch of blue balls know about any of that? It’s a very valid question. You wear a uniform and badge at your day jobs, harass every scooter tramp with a patch, puff your little dicks out like your someone, then you want to be like us on your off time. So again tell me how or why you think you could even fathom “Honor,Loyalty and respect”?

I think many would have to ask themselves a few questions when it comes to Leo clubs. After all these are the same people that cry for support from the general public.

1. Either they are people who will serve and protect (Well that’s the bullshit crap they try pushing on the general public) and act who they are.

2. Are they trying to have the best of both worlds?

3. Can these type of people be trusted?

Some may wonder why I’m so harsh towards the poor Leo Clubs. Well my number one answer is!!! Don’t wear the 3 piece rags. If you dick knockers want to have your circle jerk throw on a 1 piece. Respect the traditions of the lifestyle. After all that’s what you claim isn’t it? Honor,Loyalty and Respect?


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Living the life: Old School Beer,Bikes and Babes, Now and Then

Hey Pecker Dicks !! How the hell have all you ball hairs been doing? It’s that time again to write a few words down about the goings on in the lifestyle. I know you sweaty balls look forward to the weekly blogs posted here on Twisted Throttle so here we go. I was on Facebook the other day and a question came in from a reader. His question was ” I got a tattoo the other day and my 23 year old son said now I’m a full fledge Biker. Is this the case? When can I call myself a biker?” Ok you pussy drips you all know I’m going to jump on that opening. My response is this, If you have to ask you dumb shit then maybe you should go back to riding a moped cum bubble. Yea I know cut the cum bubble some slack, he’s probably been watching Sons Of Anarchy and it’s not his fault for being a ass scratch. Pretty sad thing is these kinds of peoples thinking gets a lot of people killed because they get on a machine acting like something they are not. That doesn’t state not to try. But get the dumb shit out of your head. Take a riders course, get to know your sled and be you. Not what some tag your trying to live up too.

Ok rant is over dip shits so let’s get into some fun stuff. Living the life of a everyday biker. You smurf dicks and mickey shits all think you know how to live the lifestyle. So lets compare the way the lifestyle has evolved over the years. Our featured image of this weeks blog sum’s up what the 60’s,70’s and even the early 80’s was about. Hard partying,Hard Riding and might I even goes as far as to saying HARD SEX. A photo like this is probably what you smurf dick rubs wanted to be apart of. The image of a Harley Davidson and a party that lasted all weekend with enough sex,drugs and rock n roll to last a lifetime. Imagining being apart of something like that got your little pecker hard? Well then a reality check hits you in the ass. Shit isn’t like that now a days. What the fuck with the false advertising?

Now smurf cunts it wasn’t false advertising. That’s how bikers and the lifestyle once was before all the politically correct tree hugging wannabees invaded the lifestyle. Worse yet it was the Motor Company that helped them do it. See Harley forget it was this generation of biker that help support them and stood behind them even when they went bankrupt. Well that’s an entirely different subject and blog all together isn’t it? This lifestyle that so many of us old scooter tramps treasured has gone to the Rubs. Shit I seen the other day a video that was posted on Facebook.  It was titled “All about my Bike” and had some fat ugly elephant looking bitch singing while her crotch munchers were in the back ground trying to dance (Well them horse dicks sure proved white men sure the hell can’t dance). Please you don’t want me to go on about the dudes in this video, holy fucking shit they embody the word “Wannabee”.

I really have to give it to the “Rocket Generation”. At least these younger ones know how to party. Not to mention the muff is a hell of a lot better to stare at then those Elephant turds in that video. Shit just watching that video should give viagra all it needs to sell out of that wonderful blue pill. Yea the lifestyle has degraded to that kind of crap. We’ve been invaded by a bunch of monkey balls who are trying to relive the rebel youth days. It’s these kinds of retards and cum bubbles that ruined places like Sturgis and Daytona on us.  It use to be an all out boob and muff vest. Now a nice piece gets a ticket for showing the boobies. Nice going Rat Turds, you tree huggers ruined it for everyone.

Our lifestyle use to be about Beer,Bikes and Boobs. Shit now its about who has the biggest RV parked in the campground after having pulled a 30,000 chopper have way across the country. News flash donkey dicks. A ride to Sturgis use to consist of riding hard all day long and throwing a spread on the side of the road after a night full of drinking and screwing. That right there was traveling in style. Yes even the old timers who were 60 and 70 got down that way. Now the state of the Biker community is “It’s all about my bike” videos with elephant looking broads and some tight wad wannabees making the white man look pretty dam stupid.

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It’s a Crotch Rocket, No it’s a Rice burner, No it’s a Jap Burner. Oh hell screw it.

Hey what’s up cunt drips? First off I would really like to take a bow and thank all the new readers to the blog. You Jerky Balls are quite appreciated (I think I have a tear coming to my eye. Not). Your comments have been well received. Well maybe not all that much. Besides who cares monkey cunts about the English Language and it’s structure. Whiny ass liberal tree huggers and your proper grammar lol. Anyways it looks like I pissed off a bunch of Harley riders with my last post. Old cranky ass fart bubbles couldn’t hear about their beloved Harley taking a back seat to all them Ricers. Hey who can blame them? They were victims of big business marketing ploys. Lmao one even had the nerve to say and I Qoute Virgin Dick ” It’s about spending the money with an American Company”. Now I know why he’s a Virgin Dick. Hey dummy! The company laid off thousands of workers here in the states so they can cut costs overseas you goat chaser!!! Those slant eye Jap companies employee more Americans here in the States then our own American companies. Anyways it’s hard to argue with a sheep rapist. So my next topic of discussion is the new generation of biker.

A scene that has growing since the late 80’s. Yamaha,Honda,Kawasaki,Suzuki all started coming out with versions of a high performance machine. Commonly called Crotch Rockets by most. It’s a name that has been earned. Anytime a bike can reach over 200 mph and literally scare the shit back up in your ass is something to be respected. Don’t let the old grumpy cum chasers beat you new generation down. Shit if they had the rockets when they were first starting off they would be on the dam things too. After all your generation has some fine ass tail on the back of those rockets while poor middle age ball choker has some droopy titty botox broad on the back of his. It comes down to being jealous. Cum Choker is in his middle age nightmare trying to relive his glory 20’s and 30’s. Even then he goes home beaten his limp dick because broads were not any where near sexy then as they are now. Come on! In his day women had bush growing between her legs he had to cut through with an 12 inch knife before he could taste the prize!

As an old scooter tramp I have to say the younger generation have it going on. You built an entire lifestyle of biker around your machines. Just like us old scooter tramps did in our day. Your riding skills are something to be admired, even though sometimes it’s a bit over the top. The stuff I’ve seen your generation do is something most old scooter tramps wish they had the balls to do. With the kudo’s I have to also say some of your generation is dumb shits sometimes. Yea it’s cool seeing a rider doing some stunts. But not at 80 mph on a highway, when in a blink of an eye your pushing daisies. Use some common sense. No one on either side of the riding spectrum wants to ever see another rider meet the reaper. Especially when they have so much life to live.

Whats even more enjoyable to point out about the “Rocket Generation” as I’ve been calling it the last few years, is the fact your generation don’t care if those riding with you are black,white,hispanic,gay,straight,bisexual or whatever. I’ve met a lot of clubs centered around the rockets and have to say I’m impressed. What I gathered, it really didn’t matter what a person looked like or what kind of make or model they rode. You included them in your circle and that is impressive considering the way the lifestyle has been during my time. Oh yea did I mention your broads in the “Rocket Generation”? Hmmmm thats a whole different subject lol.

The “Crotch Rocket” generation has a lot to be proud of. You young bucks have upped the game as far as skills, as far as race relations and the way you enjoy running in the wind. After all isn’t that what a biker is suppose to be about? The wind binds both young and old in this lifestyle. Don’t pay much attention to those who don’t throw you a waive when they ride past you. Remember they are just jealous because of what they have to come home too after playing biker boy. Yea I know scary thought isn’t it. Have pitty on them.

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Oh you don’t ride a Harley? Your not a Biker Dick Cheese.

Oh the dipshits, have pitty on them god of boobs and pussy. How many times do you have to hear this crap from some Rub or wannabee weekend warrior? Got a news flash for all you moran dick pumpers. Harley is no longer an American Made Bike. It is an American Assembled Bike for all you rejects who need me to speak it slowly. Harley contracts manufacturing of parts to plants located all over the world, including Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, and Mexico.  Those parts are then shipped to Harley factories here.  And these are not just accessories, but components for engines, chassis, and wheels. So while you Dick Pumpers are going around swearing up and down Harley’s are American made your making yourself look a fool. Harley’s New 500cc and 750 models are actually Made in India. You dumb dicks are being fed a line from the company and you fell for it. Harley is a good bike. But it’s not the best out there as the company has you to believe. Harley did a great job of branding itself. They did the best thing a company every could. They branded their logo on the backs of every dam rider out there basically. Every where you go there is the t-shirts and tattoos. What many don’t get is the company sold you out. Did you know the original factory in Milwaukee is just basically the corporate headquarters and museum? Of course not dick loads cause your too busy following the companies brain wash.

Back to even 1929 Harley  Contracted with Rikuo Internal Combustion Company produced actual Harley-Davidson models that carried the Harley-Davidson label, for use by Japanese military and police. It did so up til 1959 way after the war was over. Harley is about Marketing. They were able to market the rebel lifestyle. In 2008 they actually moved factories overseas because of employee costs. Harley Davidson is loosing it’s demographics. Old time scooter tramps are aging and the newer generation don’t rely on the marketing ploys. They see that Yamaha,Suzuki,Honda etc make a better bike.

Most will see from the main picture attached to this article that even the Road Report out this month discussed a comparison between the bikes. The top 5 consisted of 4 Jap makers and the 5th Victory. Even Victory is kicking the hell out of Harley. The numbers and facts don’t lie cum drips. Harley is just a marketing ploy gobbled up by the old timers. It all started after world war 2 and continues up till this day. The Japs were our enemies so everyone should just ride American Bikes. War ended over 70 years ago and the Japs have been our strongest allies since. Not to mention they can build some badass bikes. Shit they even have Harley building smaller cc bikes to keep up with them.

Harley having the mantle of the rebel image is really a thing of the past. They invested in marketing when they should’ve been investing in better bike building skills. That one reason there is why long term they will start to fade away on the scene. After the Vietnam generation is gone, most of the newer generation really won’t buy into that kind of stuff. They want to make sure that when they ride down a rode on a run they are not broken down on the side of the road. I’ve owned tons of Harleys and wish that wasn’t so. But the truth of the matter that’s what it comes down too. Japs are better bike builders. They take the time to really put together a great machine.

Victory and Indian by Polaris is right behind them. When your at the top of the mountain for so long you get too comfortable. It looks like Harley is starting to find that all out as it’s loosing a huge part of the motorcycle market share. I know,I know it’s hard for you dick drips to accept that having a Harley isn’t what makes you a biker.

Ok so your wondering if a dude is riding a Honda or Yamaha what do you classify him as? Well dumb shit the bike really never made the person riding it a biker in the first place. A biker is a lifestyle fucktards. It’s never been about the bike in the first place. It was always HEART. It was your word. It was the way you lived your life that made you a biker. Yes the independence that came from having the wind in your hair was a bonus. Having a nice chick on the bike of your ride was great. But it’s always been about who you were. Not what you rode. I’ve known a many old scooter tramps that never rode a Harley. But them scooter tramps had more heart then any rub I’ve ever seen on a Harley. They lived everyday by their word. Their love for the lifestyle. Quite frankly they were more respected for who they were then what they rode. The wind binds all of us in the lifestyle, but as in any lifestyle we all have our different personalities.

Next time you want to bash someone for riding something other then a Harley just remember everything in this article. Your making yourself look like an ass. Besides that you might just get your ass kicked. You probably will deserve it by the way for being an ass bubble. Friday coming up we will discuss LEO clubs. Yea I know my favorite target lol. Until then I’m outta here. You can follow me on twitter @topfuelabd.

Praise the Lord. Christian Motorcycle Clubs

I know , I Know already. No bible thumpers what the fuck? We like pussy,beer and bikes. But hey the biker lifestyle is a hell of a lot more then just that. Bikers are some of the best people around. No Shit you say right? Well I wanted to take some time to recognize some of those organizations who do so much for our lifestyle.So if you jackasses have the time why don’t you get your cocks out of your hands and learn something.

What is unique about our lifestyle compared to most others is you will find Outlaws, Blue and White Collar Workers,Christians,Black,White,Hispanic riders and more. But one thing that binds all those groups is a love for riding. Ok cum sticks it doesn’t mean you need to ride a Harley to be in the lifestyle. Contrary to all the Rubs out there many old scooter tramps like myself started on other sleds other then Harley. So we got that fact straight so now we can get down to business.

Two Christian Riders organizations that stands out is Bikers for Christ and Christian Motorcycle Association. Still with me ass flaps? Most would be interested to know that many in groups like these are ex outlaws, ex patch holders. So these are not the Bible Thumper’s you may be thinking of. These are men and women who have lived in the lifestyle who rode hard and partied hard. Yea I know dipshit’s that’s what most of us do while we are in the lifestyle,but what is unique is these brothers and sisters came to know the ultimate outlaw “Jesus Christ”. Now there is a dude who showed us all how to rebel and stand for something.

Bikers for Christ-  

I love their mission statement- “Some wish to live within the sound of a church or chapel bells, we want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell”.

Fuck yea. Now that is a statement that anyone can relate too. What I think steers scooter tramps away from the man up stairs is these tight wad judgemental ass bubbles who think they are better then everyone. Shit while at the same time fucking Mr.Perfects wife in the ass when he’s out working in his pretty little tie. Talk about hypocrites.

Bikers For Christ and CMA  give us scooter tramps a place to be where we fit in. Shit it’s always nice to be somewhere when you have something in common with others right? Shit I have no problem worshipping the man upstairs with some good ol scooter tramps and sisters then hit the road and tear up some asphalt.  And lets talk about the character of these organizations and those like it. Most are some of the most people I’ve ever met. Let me tell you vagina drops, their action speak louder then words.

I know first hand just how good the organization is. My father was apart of this group. Yea the story goes he was an alcoholic hard partying asshole that changed his ways towards the end of his life. He decided to go over to the ol man upstairs side of the fence. Well about a month after joining them he died. I wasn’t able to attend the funeral but spoke to his chapter president. I asked that chapter to give him a good old scooter tramp send off and boy did they. They buried my old man in the ways us old scooter tramps do it. THEY Buried him and not some dumb shit graveyard worker. From that day on they earned my respect as a club and men. They walked the walk. They were true biker tramps and deserved the up most respect.

Another organization out there is CMA or Christian Motorcycle Association

This organization has been around for a really long time. It brings all kinds of riders together no matter what your status is in society.  What one of my favorite things about this organization. They have a Prison ministry. That alone says alot about the organization. Not many out there give a rat’s ass about those locked up behind the walls. This organization does. Kuddos because most people dont care about those who fell out of society.

One of the main things I like writing about and you will always hear is to be “True to who you are,not to who you are not”. Everyone is different in this lifestyle. There really is a place for everyone in this lifestyle. No need to be someone you are not when you have these many choices. It don’t take a patch to be a biker. You can be a Christian, Jew or whatever and still have a place.

Next article will  be about our favorite LEO Clubs: Yea I know a bunch of droopy titties. No one likes them lol. I’m out of here dick ticks. Every Monday and Friday come back for more articles on the lifestyle. Visit us on Twitter@topfuelabd to stay up to date on future articles. 1511738_10201469394678578_348431892_n Thanks to the chapter in North Mississippi of Bikers of Christ MM