Whats the difference between a 1%er club and Leo Fag Club

Ah back at it again with another blog post of the week. Guess I really pissed on some Leo fuck tards this week insulting the Blue Knights. Oh well lmao. Reading some of the comments from these fuck fetus boys in blue are just comical. They get so butt hurt for being called out for what they are. I guess they don’t like thinking about their ol ladies on their knees with a real man. So in honor of pissing these wannabee cum sluts off some more we will delve deeper into what the real difference is between a real club and a fake ass wannabee Leo Club.

Lets start out with a 1%er club. What comes to mind is Honor, Loyalty, Respect and Dedication to brotherhood. 1%er clubs a member went through the grinder to get the honor of wearing that cut on their back. They’ve proven that the brotherhood is first and foremost in their lives. They know the description of hell. Members had to go through it to earn the patch they have. They bleed with their brothers, cry with their brothers. Saying brother is an honor to be heard from someone in your circle. When apart of a 1%er club or even a support club a member always can bet that their back is covered no matter what. No questions ever exist. Many have came from the armed services where they already learned what brotherhood was about. When they got done serving they wanted that feeling to continue so they went through the process of proving that they belonged to something special.

Over the years this kind of brotherhood has been hijacked by the wannabee knuckleheads trying to live off an image they have no business being in. The 60,70,80s no one could stand a biker no less try and be them. Then Harley came out with all their advertising bullshit and made it cool to be a biker. Middle age fuck knots started buying up scoots and screwed the whole lifestyle up. Thats when we seen the introduction of HOG and other middle age fart knockers buying up leather and driving up the prices on scoots. It was at that point the whole lifestyle went to hell. Over the years I can’t tell you the countless many who have got their heads knocked around because of their actions. Our lifestyle was based on being who we were and not something we were not. We were hard working Americans who loved to let loose, defend our brothers, and even though society hated us we always loved our country.

Fast forward to the early 2000’s. Leo clubs started to come out of no where. The same small dickless cops who always gave those in the lifestlye shit. Well I guess they seen the pussy that came to the real clubs and wanted a piece of that action. This fucking ass bubbles started popping up everywhere. What was even worse was they started giving the real clubs a bad name in front of citizens who already hated us. They go around bars causing all kind of hell and because they had the mail order patch on the citizens thought they were somebody. Well they were not much of anything because they would turn tail and run when 1% clubs got word of the bullshit. I’ve been apart of many instances of chasing the little piggies back to where they came from. Crying little hoes. I use to say at least try and act like you have a pair. After all you are wearing a 3 piece.

It is a fact that those who ride in these clubs are looked at like fuck tards by their own departments. Shit I’ve heard instances where chiefs come out and give warnings about being apart of Leo Clubs. They too can’t understand a cop trying to be something that they are there to harass. Personally I think they were butt fucked in high school and have to prove they are not fags to the world. I think this is why they join these wannabee clubs. Shit first off most of their clubs all they have to do is print off a application on the internet and they are in. Mail Order patches lol. Their dumbshit attitudes got even worse when SOA came out. So know not are they only wearing territory patches they start wearing side rockers. What the fuck how much more can these idiots want to be like us. Thats when I laugh at the comments left by the butt hurt idiots. All up in arms because they are called out for what they really are. Living something they have no idea of the dedication that it takes to ride with something real.

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Blue Knights. The oldest wannabee cop club around, Fucktards 101

Blue Knights Well here is our dipshit wannabee biker clubs of the week. Yep it is non other then the Blue Knights. It’s the girly club made up by a bunch of homos in blue that during the week are leos and on the weekends like riding around with their 3 piece patch that you can get off the internet. It don’t take much to become one of these dick turds.

Qualify for membership you must:

  1. Be an active full or part time law enforcement officer with powers of arrest
  2. Be employed by a governmental agency and receive monetary compensation, or be a retired or disabled former law enforcement officer
  3. Possess a valid license to operate a motorcycle
  4. Own a motorcycle or plan to purchase one within six months

What really gets me is that you don’t even need a bike to join. Hum here you have a bunch of small dicks running around with a 3 piece patch and you don’t even have to have a motorcycle? What the fuck is this lifestyle coming too? Shit you have to give the idiots running around with Sons of Anarchy Patches some credit. At least them wannabee pussy cums most likely have a bike.  I went a little deeper into this fucktard of an organization. Oh by the way you can visit one of their comical websites. http://blueknightschicago.org/ By the way you wonder how their old ladies must feel having to suck off a real poser like their old man. I bet they just dream of sucking off a real patch holder. Always wondering how she got the short dick. Well anyways not to go to far with that thought.

You can download a membership application online. Right there you have to say WHAT THE FUCK? Yea I know, not only do they wear a 3 piece patch ,dont have to own a bike right away , but you also can become a member through the internet. Do you fuck stains reading this getting the picture yet? Its bad enough they are a bunch of cops trying to play something they are not. But now they just make the entire lifestyle into a joke. Come on at least have some pride in your so called mc and make someone work for their cuts. Oh wait yea I know. Bunch of dam cops so I shouldn’t expect anything like that.

I sit here and try and place myself in all these dumb shits shoes. Are they really unhappy being who they truly are? I’m not ashamed of being an old scooter tramp. Why are they ashamed of being a cop? Well I can think of many reasons but won’t go there. But why try and act like us? It’s cool as hell getting on a scoot and getting in the wind. I get that and even applaud the little tit fuckers. What I don’t get is trying to throw on a 3 piece patch and acting like those you fuck tards hate in the first place. I really wish someone would anser that question for me. I understand your ol lady wants to screw a real man, I get it. You have to satisfy the cunt. Maybe you have a freaky ass role play going on but can’t you and the cunt get together with all your other playmates and do it in private?

Reading your history section of your international site you feeble idiots wanted a family club. Hey that’s cool and all. I know many cool ass riding clubs for families. Nothing is wrong with that. I would even promote that cops have the right to form a bond and use motorcycles to enhance it. But come on really the 3 piece patch and the territory patch is out of bounds. As soon as you tree humpers did that you made yourself into something you are not. Remember that the next time your screwing with a real scooter tramp.

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So does Blue Lives Matter ?

Well it’s been a busy summer of riding. Finally able to get back to writing.Yea I know all you fuck sticks missed me. Especially you wannabee cop clubs who like parading around acting like “Jax” from the Sons of Anarchy. I wonder now if we will have all the little dip shits running around in Knights costumes since the “Bastard Executioner” will be coming out soon. I don’t put anything past all the idiots who parade around like big bad bikers.

So lots happened since my last post and I promise Ill be writing a blog once a week again now that riding season is slowing down up north. First we have the #WACO bullshit. Here we had a Confederation of Clubs meeting that was going good until the fuck nuts sitting outside felt it was their job to make everyone look bad and start shooting the place up. It now has been put out there all the bikers killed were in fact from COPS bullets. So does this mean we will have some charges against this fag cops? Of course not. The fags will get away with it because anything that happens in Waco goes away. Government corruption at its best.

You see all the cops now a days running around crying because they are getting shot up everywhere.  “Blue Lives Matter” they are crying . Well fuck they should’ve thought about that when they are being complete dicks to everyone. They should’ve thought about that when they get their rocks off fucking everyone. This is no more apparent then what happen in Waco Texas. Over a 100 something bikers (Some who were in regular veterans clubs) were booked and arrested with million dollar bonds. Why? Because they were just there.

I believe every life matters. But you dam cops need to realize that people are sick and tired of your antics. Most who become cops just want a power trip because they lacked the ability to get pussy in high school. I can understand your upset about that. But you cheese dicks need to realize the rest of the population really don’t care if you got pussy or not. Simple way to do your jobs is to stop the over reaching and stop pissing people off when you are doing your job.

You idiots also have another huge problem who want to put on a 3 piece patch and play weekend outlaw. Your looked upon not only as fakes but people who deserve an ass kicking. One day your a cop and the next you want to be us. So you want to ride with a club? Wear a 1 piece patch, very simple shit. But no, your lack of pussy makes you want to be like us 1%ers. Your cops for one so that disqualifies you there from enjoying our lifestyle. That leads you cock munchers to put your cop scum into a 3 piece patch and claim territory with your bottom rocker. Yea we hear it all the time. “We dont claim any territory or we just ride for charity.”. That’s how dumb you cum juices really are. That bottom rocker claims territory in our world. You fuck stains don’t run anything so why act like us?

You have cops in clubs like the Punishers or Iron Order acting a fool. Iron Order has to be the biggest joke among all the pussy farts of the wannabee Police Clubs. See you notice I will not say M/C after their name. Thats because they are not. They are a bunch of wannabee idiots who couldnt pass the prospect period of any legit M/C.  In this PC world we live in the public supports these kinds of people. Why? They hear they are cops and everything is just great about them. Do or will I ever support these kinds of people? HELL fucking no. I see a bunch of fakes on a 20,000 bike who cleans it more then rides it.

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