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Iron Order Bite off more than they can chew

Yes by now everyone has heard that the fake cop club Iron Order started problems at the Colorado Bike Expo held on 1-30-16. There was a fight between these wannabees and the Mongols M/C. The Mongols M/C is a class act brotherhood of bikers who were at the expo to enjoy Biking and Brotherhood.

According to news reports one person is dead and several others injured. This is what happens when you have cops trying to play Outlaw Biker on the weekends with a 3 piece patch. Cops don’t get it. Stop trying to be someone your not. You can’t sit there Monday thru Friday wanting to bust us then on the weekends be us. Badge or no Badge you wear them 3 piece patches your going to get the hell knocked out of you by the real deal clubs. Whats even worse is the City Councils and Officials in their own police departments dont know their own cops are playing Outlaw Bikers.

Many have said that after the incident was cleared out that members of the Iron Order were seen talking with Police. Yea the Blue Code in full action. Riddle me this? Why is it every time the Iron Order is present at some event, something like this breaks out? I’ll tell you why. It’s not only other independents who are tired of these cops, but real MCs are fed up with this who social experiment with cops wearing colors.

Where is the Cities and Police Chiefs for that matter investigating these kind of cops? Does the public not have a right to know  cops are out there trying to play both side of the fence? Here you have our taxpaying money going to departments that support or are just too stupid to know they have bad cops on the force. Where is the FBI in investigating this kind of corruption? No they wouldn’t dare go after some of their own. Would They?

We do have a light at the end of the tunnel with our great military. Military commanders however, continue to see the Iron Order less ambiguously than policemen do. For example a document recently distributed to service members at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton threatened sailors and Marines who join the Iron Order with “administrative or disciplinary actions, including administrative separation or appropriate punitive action.” The document was issued under the authority of DOD Instruction 1325.06, titled “Handling Dissident and Protest Activities Among Members of the Armed Forces.” (Source The Aging Rebel)

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Biker Chicks: Leather and Lace

What says freedom and rebellion like a hot piece of ass dry humping your scooter? Well us scooter tramps usually only get to see our dream bitch in a pin up or in Easyriders magazine. One in a while though a brother scores with some hot stripper cunt who instead of swinging in the club , rides his pole all night long. Times have been changing and rapid at that concerning the lifestyle. Most of the young broads feed into that liberal bullshit of a women is equal to a man. Women no longer should be stuck in the kitchen or watching the kids they say. I for one find that to be horse shit, society has gotten weak and politically correct cause a man cannot put a bitch in her place the way it was intended to be.

Now you have bitches out there starting Motorcycle clubs and putting patches on riding around like they own the joint. Well in a way they do, after all they have that pussy to bring to the table to get what they want. I guess the biggest bother about having a chick without a dick starting up clubs is the fact of the gender. No women cannot do what a man does, no women cannot stand there and say that they are entitled to be apart of a lifestyle that is specifically for a man. I have no problem with a bitch hanging out and partying. Shit none at all. But when they think that its alright to open that cum tube is when things are no longer alright. Shit most motorcycle clubs have fought over a bitch and her mouth. Even worse a lot of good brothers died because a bitch couldn’t keep the hole shut.

I’ve seen a proliferation of these so called family clubs popping up all over the place. Shit they have been running neck and neck with these dam wannabee cop clubs in recent years. This is one of those clubs that usually throw a patch on a women and treat them as equal to a man. Some of these family clubs have a prospecting period. Can you imagine being a man and having to take shit from a bitch who just last night was sucking on her ol mans dick the night before? What kind of man would you call yourself having to obey a cunt during a prospect period?

There is nothing wrong with having a family orientated riding club. Notice I said Riding Club. Our lifestyle has gotten so PC that we now allow Family Orientated Motorcycle Clubs to pop up all over. What is one of these clubs anyway? They claim to do charity work, awesome stuff right there. They claim to ride together, again awesome stuff right there. I might be old school and all but I know one thing. Why the hell bring kids around the scene during the parties? Shit who knows what the hell could happen, one example. Your so called family club supports one of the outlaw motorcycle clubs in the area or claims to be neutral. Well one of those members is seen hanging with the rival club (This has happened). Next thing you know your ass is being handed to you in a beating because you were apart of a club that had no business playing both sides. Just something to think about when bringing the young ones to your club functions.

We strayed a little off subject there so let’s bring it back to women. Some personal emails I receive off the comments section of the blog ask me. Where do women fit in? Well I think I’m the wrong person to ask since I was raised in this lifestyle a long time ago. But screw it someone needs to set all the man slaves in place. A women belongs on the back of the scooter, mouth shut (Especially when your talking to a brother) and looking pretty. That was their place then but now since men have become a bunch of bitches themselves they go out and try acting something they are not. I’ve never had a problem with someone being who they were, just always had a problem with them acting like something they were not.

Little secret to all the man slaves out there. Women like being told what to do. They like being protected and not the ones doing the protecting. Don’t hide behind your cunt man slaves. It makes you look like a punk and not a real man. Many times you would have a hell of a brother. That was until he did the nose dive into his ol ladies ass and had to ask permission to go out and play. How the hell anyone calls that freedom I’ll never know. Shit don’t brothers understand many more bitches out there to play with anyways.  Moral of the story is a women belongs in leather and lace. They are there to be pretty and slip a nut in once in awhile. Stand up and take them balls back.


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Leo Biker Clubs LOL Fags! Even have a podcast.

Yes it’s that time a week to get the word out on the fags known as LEO Clubs. Or better known as Law Enforcement Clubs. Personally I think they are a bunch of circle jerks playing with the chiefs tally whacker, but hey that’s only my thoughts on them. Boy have we seen an explosion in these wannabee cum guzzlers over the years. Mr Johnny law wants to be on the wrong side of the tracks cause they hope they can finally get a taste of what a pussy is. Guess they getting tired of swallowing on the chief all the time.

Cop clubs remind me of that Eddie Murphy skit in Raw. Whoo Whoo Whoo. Pull Over, Pull Over. So in the course of doing research on these honey buckets I came across a website called LEO BIKER.  It’s quite the funny website giving all the idiots some laughter I guess and also warning the citizens of the world some things never to say to the pig fuckers when then stop you. I really like the mission statement of the website. ” LeoBiker is designed to entertain Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs and Law abiding Bikers. We are not affiliated or emphasize with Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs”. Lol like any self respecting club would hang or invite you fags to a party or hang out. Dumbshits!

If you really want to see which clubs are cops they even provide a great little directory of all the wannabees wearing patches on the site. Some of these clubs have some really cute names. Lets see Alpha dogs lol, Hard Headed (Guess they like to keep each other hard at all times). Iron Spartans (Ok I just wont go there on that one ), Blue Breed and the list of the circle jerks go on. They are so proud of their website it’s a shame I have to rain down on that parade of theirs. No one likes or even has a ounce of respect for them. What it must be like for their ol ladies to have to suck on those little wee wees knowing they are wannabees and can never give them what they really want.

I know I know, it’s hard to be someone you are not and I’m just a big bully according to most of these political correct dick riders. Everyone should feel the freedom of a scooter, it’s a free country I tell you. Yea I know I hear it from these pussy cum bubbles all the time. Yes I agree everyone should enjoy the wind. Yea everyone should know what a brotherhood is all about. But face it these people are the ones who want to play cop and robbers during the week and then turn around and be the people they are trying to bust. I know it’s boring being a cop, it has too be. You ride around in a squad car trying to get everyone to respect you and know it will never happen. You see a brother wearing a 3 piece patch and see a hot looking cunt on the back of the bike and you want that. Yes I can see why you want to be us. I really can. Problem is you want that and you also want to ride around in your little blue suit and screw with everyone. Gives you a set of balls I know. That badge gives you a chance to be someone you were not in high school when everyone was busy whooping on that ass of yours.

I do sometimes feel sorry for all these Leo Clubs. What? Yea I know I said it lol. Here you have individuals who don’t know what they want out of life. Even worse you have individuals who feel that the world has been so screwed up to them they have a right to act the way they want to people. It’s always funny how just a little bit of power can corrupt someone. I remember being in a drinking hole and seeing a couple of these wannabees come in all dressed up acting like a badass. Had their pretty little patches on and started talking shit to some tramps ol lady. Well dumb shits didnt expect the scooter tramp to get up and put the one on his ass. His other buddies right away pulled those badges out shouting they were police officers. I guess they didn’t expect the tramps brothers to proceed to put a thumping on their ass regardless lol.

I have to give the little piggies some advice when they are out there playing Jax from Sons of Anarchy. When you are wearing those colors don’t expect any different kind of treatment for acting an asshole just because your a cop. You choose to fly in our world then expect to be treated like anyone else . Your badges don’t mean anything when you pull them out after acting like you have a pair. Your going to get the same old fashion ass whooping like anyone else would for showing disrespect. By the way it was pretty funny watching those patches being jerked off those idiots. It really made my day. You idiots wonder way everyone can’t stand you anymore.AllCopsArePigs

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Cum Suckers-Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators

Yep old Steve Cook. Self Proclaimed “Expert” on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. This half a fag goes around the country under the “Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association”. I know a bunch of cops circle jerking each other trying to get themselves hard because they have to settle for chasing innocent bikers around because they never grew a pair to be one of us. Here is a dude who is only a detective in Kansas City pushing himself out there as the king of kings who knows everything that has to do with motorcycle clubs. I’m sure you seen dumb shit on the history channel as some kind of expert telling the citizens of this country that everyone wearing a 3 piece patch is nothing but a criminal. By the way I’m telling you dude is a fag. Just look at his lips. You know he’s talking a bunch on his knees to get where he is today.

Lets take a look at limp dicks website shall we? Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association.

“Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and their membership present a unique challenge to law enforcement in the United States and abroad due to their mobility, organization, finances and secrecy.

The threats posed by these organizations not only to law enforcement but the public as a whole are great. Unfortunately many law enforcement officers and law enforcement agencies do not perceive these groups to be worthy of any significant attention because generally there activities are clandestine in nature and rarely discussed outside of their circle.

In order to properly access these organizations abilities it is necessary for interested law enforcement officers to possess the information and tools to gather credible intelligence information that can in turn be used as investigative leads towards prosecutions of members of these groups.”

So right off these dumb shits are throwing all bikers who are apart of a 3 piece patch club into the criminal category. Basically what Miss Piggy is saying with their mission statement is everyone who throws on a patch is a criminal and the public should be worried. Don’t mention though that most in clubs are hard working blue collar workers who just want to support their families and hang out with others who share the passion for the lifestyle like them.

Lets go a little deeper into Cooks motives shall we? Another part of his website states:

The Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association can provide several resources to law enforcement and private entities on issues relating to Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.
Law Enforcement:
Expert Witness Testimony (Prosecution Only)
Specialized Training Programs
Private Sector:
Interviews for books being written on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
Interviews for television, radio, newspapers
Consulting services for Television and Movies
Contact Executive Director Steve Cook at 816-718-2189 for information on any of the above services.

I might be a little ignorant here. It does look like on the face value of that statement Steve Cook is looking to make a little bit of money. How can you blame him though? Bribes and illegal search and seizures isn’t bringing him enough so he has too go out there and make a living by attacking the character of Motorcycle Clubs and making them into something they are not. I really enjoy the part about the private sector don’t you? Do thinks he’s a dam movie star or something.

What is even more messed up is they even try copying M/Cs by selling their own t-shirts based on skulls and bikes. I like their cute little motto ” They can run , but they can’t ride”. What a bunch of fags lol. Whats even more screwed up is this ass writes a book about a firefighter on pills battling the Vagos motorcycle club. Wonder if they know this dip shit used their name in his fantasy book?

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Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs-Not Gangs Jackasses

It is said that Americans love their Outlaws. Yea you got that right. Why wouldn’t we? Wasn’t this country started on an Outlaw premise? The feds and other leo organizations would have you believe that 3 piece wearing patch members from motorcycle clubs do nothing but run around raping and murdering as well as drug dealing. They would have the general public believe that the charity work that the mcs do is nothing but a front for illegal activity. Yea I know leos are a bunch of cum chugging fucktards with too much time on their hands. They don’t tell you that it might be one or two people acting on their own doing the illegal stuff they claim. They won’t tell you that most motorcycle clubs do not condone anything illegal that can put the club in a bad spot.These leos would have you believe that Outlaw Mcs are just like the Sons of Anarchy show. Boy they couldnt be farther from the truth.

Ive rode with 3 piece patch clubs for over 20 years. Some small ones and even a big one. Let me tell you it’s nothing like what a bunch of leos want too push. The brotherhood is very strong in most clubs, we ride hard and party even harder. Then there is the raffles and tickets to parties to get rid of as well as boring ass meetings that can go on for hours. It’s not all the glamour you see on Sons of Anarchy. Most of the time we are hanging out together at each others houses or talking scooters. We spend alot of time with family and working. We are your normal working class men who like living and breathing brotherhood and motorcycles.

What about that fight or what about that shooting Ive seen on the news if most bikers in a 3 piece club follow the law? I did say we are working class men, on the other hand we are men of principle. We are not going to sit there and take shit from a civilian or anyone else for that matter so occasionally things happen. When shit does happen it don’t automatically make the club criminal. Thats like saying your in a bar and some drunk hit’s on the ol lady and you drive your fist into their face because he’s a dumb fuck a person should be tried under RICO statues. Yea old RICO, something the Feds love using against clubs to put them in the organized crime category.

Let’s talk about the Feds RICO statue. This is something they put together to fuck with Americans plain and simple. Basically if one person is doing something criminal they can use this statue to make everyone criminals and send them away for life. Shit I wish they would use it on some politicians. Maybe this country would start being better off. Hilary Clinton does come too mind, but of course we all know she will be getting off cause the FBI wont have the balls to charge one of their own. Nope they use it on everyday people just trying to work hard and have fun with their brothers.

RICO has been used against most of the big clubs as well as smaller ones. Many good brothers have been sent away on this screwed up law just for wearing a patch. Many clubs have to deal with leos sitting outside the clubhouse writing down license plate numbers. Even worse some have to deal with the leos following them on runs all in the effort to trip them up on some bogus bullshit.

“The Waco incident. Sgt. Swanton of the Waco Police Department effectively controlled the story of what happened on May 17, 2015, and it appears that story has already begun to unravel. Regardless of what ultimately is shown to be the truth about the events in Waco, if history tells us anything it’s that that story will not likely be broadcast as widely as the law enforcement narrative was … if at all.An old criticism about the media goes, “if it bleeds it leads.” .

This is the first time I’ve seen an article about motorcycle clubs that was actually dead on. Even more it was wrote by someone in the mainstream media. Dulaney was right. The media will never cover the real truth about the Waco incident. That train left the station when the story started turning out that the cops were all bullshitting. Funny how the media does that. When a Leo shoots a black they are all on that shit. But if it’s working class white guys the stories go off the air.

I remember reading a comment here from a reader. He said I had a big problem and attitude against Leos. Well the above answers why I have a big problems with Leos. They are out there with the God complex. They walk around treating the people who pay their salaries like dog shit. They wonder why when they try starting one of the fag Leo clubs they are outcasts. Monday through Friday give the clubs hell and on the weekends try to be them.

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Confederation of Clubs- Why it’s needed

If you’re a biker and have any worth or brains at all you know that a National and series of State Confederation of Clubs exist. Why do they exist is the first question I usually get from new jacks coming into the lifestyle. They always usually follow up that question by Why is the 1% clubs usually run the organization or have a sizable influence on the organization? You can’t put down an individual for asking and wanting to gain knowledge on the subject.

NCOM, as it’s commonly referred to just, held it’s 30 year National Convention on May 7th, 2015. The Confederation of Clubs is a Biker Rights organization that is run by bikers for bikers. “The goal and purpose of NCOM are to assist all motorcycle organizations and individual riders with legal, legislative and other motorcycling issues. The Coalition will not dictate to any organization, but will be available to assist NCOM member groups through such FREE services as legislative assistance, nationwide information network, public awareness programs, safety projects, loan program, biker anti-discrimination legal and legislative assistance, etc.” That right there is NCOMS mission statement and a great one at that.

Before being a biker was cool old scooter tramps had to endure the endless games Johnny Law wanted to play. You want to talk about a leo profiling based on looks then just ask a scooter tramp that had to deal with the little pig fuckers from the beginning of the club eras to even the present day. This is one of the main reasons Leo’s or their clubs will never be accepted by those who have lived and breathed this lifestyle since before they can remember. I can remember being pulled over because of the rag on my back and having 3 or 4 squads on the scene just to fuck with me. No speeding, No nothing, it was all over what I looked like and what I was wearing.

It was stuff like that as well as other things that led NCOM to come about. Clubs got together and said enough was enough. Time to fight these Leos and those governments who thought it was alright to mess with someone just because they didn’t like what they were wearing.

On January 27, 1986, leaders of various motorcycle groups from across America met in Las Vegas to discuss a “coming together” and the overwhelming need for a national voice to protect our lifestyle and right to ride. The National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) was born.


So why do the 1% clubs have a major influence on the coalition? It’s real simple. It was these brothers who had to endure and fight johnny law on daily basis for the rights you enjoy today. 1% clubs have a huge importance within the biker community. Why? Because they are able to keep fuck tards from ruining it for everyone else. This is why a protocol exists when a club wants to start out and wear patches. The 1% club doesn’t do it to be dicks. The biggest reason why they do it is because they don’t want assholes running around with patches tearing the community up and ruining it for everyone else. Most of this 1% clubs have been around 50 to 60 years and know good and well what a group of cum munching assholes can do running around causing hell. Actually, it’s these rogue clubs that cause the issues we see with the dam leos screwing with everyone.

New Jacks also like asking the question. If NCOM exists then why are the 1% clubs still always fighting each other? Ncom exists for the rights of bikers against those who wish to impede on our god giving right to be who we are. It is a neutral ground where clubs can come together and discuss those issues. The major 1% clubs hopefully one day will come together with a binding peace. But alot of bad blood over the many years is sometimes hard to overcome. Could everyone imagine if all the majors finally put everything behind them and joined forces? Dam what a sight that would be. The power and unity that the world would see would never be matched by anyone out there on the streets. Scooters and brotherhood bind us together as one. Each group, on the other hand, has it’s own goals and most of the time those goals are not shared by the others. Peace would be nice but from all my years in the lifestyle, it’s something that just won’t come about. Like I said before. Too much bad blood.


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