Bitches and Patches. Your Kidding Right?

Ah that time again where we all come together and piss off all the rubs and leos. Well while we are at it lets throw in pissing off all the women out there as well. Today’s topic is Bitches and Patches. Yes even our lifestyle isn’t immune to the progressive bullshit going on in our country. In this day and age we see cunts wearing club patches, yes even 3 piece patches at that. Now everyone can agree if it’s a full blown cunt club yea then it’s fine. Many of those have existed for awhile now. Those clubs though differ from those who accept both men and women. How in the hell can a dude prospect for one of these clubs? Take orders from a bitch in a patch? No no I’ve heard of everything now lol.

These are so called “Family Clubs”. Oh many do come to mind but I will not put them out there on front street. Ok Iron Order comes to mind but they are a bunch of wannabee pussies anyway. I’m sorry they have their “Iron Maidens” so for once I can’t use Iron Order to make an example. Nah hell with that yes I can lol. So scenario out on the streets. Since Iron Order thinks they are above the code and do not have to follow the rules that have been set for generations we have ourselves a very good scenario why a bitch shouldn’t be wearing a patch. You have a bitch wearing an iron maiden patch out by herself doing what ever the fuck they do and one of the area’s 3 piece patch clubs come up on her. See where I’m going on this? Words are exchanged and next thing you know you have a bitch laid out and patched stripped because she couldn’t defend herself or club. Well also don’t help the Iron Order are a bunch of fags and think they can break rules so that bitch wearing the patch had to pay the price.

Yes I know since the bullshit show Sons of Anarchy came out and the invent of the internet clubs have been the cool thing to do. Problem with those who thinks it’s cool too run around with patches, especially ones with bottom rockers claiming a state or city is your an open target. Before it was cool to be in a club or even a biker rules were set up to be followed since the first clubs came out. Those people are the ones who had to deal with the harassment from Johnny Law, had to bleed for what they accomplished on the street. Yea scooters were apart of it all. Most important was that patch bonded those brothers under one flag. The hell one must go through to get into a real MC is something no one would understand unless you went through it. So pardon those who have put in their time when shit wasn’t cool to the general public and they see wannabees and cunts doing something they had to bleed and in most cases do time for.

You have the new age bitches wonder why some of the old timers are sexist towards them? Well women knew their places in a relationship in the old days. They didn’t get out there trying to be something they are not in a man’s world. Sorry to say women do belong at home, shit they belong on their knees and cooking for the ol man, not trying to wear a 3 piece patch that can get them killed for something they have no idea about.  Their so called ol man should be given a dotted eye for even allowing them to throw on a patch in the first place. How the hell can a dude encourage that kind of crap anyhow, unless of course she has the balls and he is missing his.

Women the best advice anyone can give you in this lifestyle is too know your place. Yea going to Sturgis or Daytona you feel like you know the lifestyle. I’m here to tell you that a dark side exists and very well should. Originally it was the brothers that got out after a shitty work week to let out steam. It was his get away from the real world. That’s why you hear “Freedom” put out there every time someone talks about riding. It does mean a lot more then just riding to the old school kats though. It meant getting out there and enjoying life without having to hear from an ol lady on the rag.

Word of advice to cunts out there. Be careful. Ask yourself why would I throw on this patch. Why should I act like something I’m not? Do I do it for attention? Do I miss having an ol man with some balls of his own? Do I know that some people out there do not look at a bitch in a patch with any type of respect? Careful questions to consider I have to tell you. Anyone before the 90’s have a very different outlook on the lifestyle. It was a time when men were men and not pansy asses that run around now with their Iron Order Patches. I love women don’t get me wrong at all. This article is written for guidance and to provoke you to really think about what your doing wearing that patch. The things that can come about because you chose to wear a patch.


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Weekend Tough Guys LOL

So dick nuts time to piss more of you off this week. Been loving reading all the pig hate mail. Some of you patched LEO club members are quite the funny thing to read. But time to move on from bashing you wannabee cop clubs to something even more funny. While looking for material for the next blog I came across this video on you tube. Wannabee Brad Click on the link and watch this shit lmao. Kind of reminds me of those in Iron Order and the Punishers. A bunch of pussy drips riding weekend warrior duty for the local oink movement. Shit yea said I wouldn’t bash on the dumb shits so I will try and hold off on that.

Now in the video this dude said he found himself at the Harley shop. Wow took a long time for the balls to drop I guess. Not only is this dude funny. But he is dangerous at the same time. These are the morons (Except cops and there fake ass clubs )that go jump on a bike and wonder why they are lying on the side of the road. I’m surprised he made it the 4 miles home without getting killed. By the way don’t he look so cute in that new leather the dealer sold him? Fag nugget lol.

Shit I think Harley should be held responsible putting all kinds of shit in his head if he goes out there and gets killed on the dam scooter. At least they could’ve of done was give him the directions to the nearest bike class.

Now I have no ill will towards anyone who truly wants to get in the lifestyle. I really don’t. But the first thing people need to learn is be for real. If your not a tough guy then your not a tough guy. If your only in it for the wind that’s cool too. If your a pig cop then be a pig cop true to who you are. But the biggest thing to remember is don’t be someone who you are not. For one if you role up on someone real you might just get the hell knocked out of you. Going into bars and getting stupid drunk and hopping on your scooter isn’t a biker. Especially if your a dam new jack. Don’t take the chance of killing yourself being someone your not.

Don’t feed into all the hype that Harley tries pushing on you. For one I wouldn’t put much stock in what they say anyway especially since they are subject to a hostile takeover as I write. See they moved away from the blue collar worker and hard cores in the lifestyle so they are reeping what they are sowing. That’s another post though. Harley is nothing but a big marketing firm now. They do not put out quality products like they use too. They are just there to push the clothing and bike add ons too you. Shit they make more money on that crap then they do on the bikes themselves.So don’t feed into the bs with them. They are no longer the number 1 American Made Bike anymore.

So before you go out there and make a fool out of yourself. Be real with who you are and dont act like something your not. See ya next week





Look at the recalls Harley Davidson is going through. Is it still the best bike?

Well Harley has set a record this year. One I believe the factory isn’t all that proud of. 312,000 recalls up from 94,000 in the past years. I do believe Harley Davidson has reached it’s bubble and it’s about to burst. The talk on the streets lately has been the poor quality of bike Harley has been putting together the past few years. And you know what? Everyone is right in bitching about the brand. What most don’t realize is Harley is no longer an American Made bike. Yea you will hear the arguments that the money stays within the country for American workers, but what wont be said along those lines is Harley has slashed 12000 factory worker jobs down to 3000 and outsourced those jobs overseas. So is Harley Davidson still a truly American product?

Harley has mostly been saved by the image of the Outlaw Biker. In the early 90’s middle age wannabees got a bug up their ass to try and copy what they thought an Outlaw Biker was. Well thus the term weekend warrior came into play. The demand for the Harley’s started to sky rocket, the prices started shooting up because of the demand. The demand created an atmosphere at Harley that started putting up sub quality scoots. After all Harley wanted to see it’s stock rise and investors taking care of so like any other company in that position they started screwing their customers.

Harley had a good run of fortunes taking in some of the worlds market share from the mid 90’s to mid 00’s. Well guess what ? Those wannabees started looking for other toys since they were getting older and the lifestyle was just a faze for them. Well now Harley is stock trying to find people to fill that void in loss of customer base. Being a biker was starting to get old and of course since Sons of Anarchy went off air last year the fad is finally starting to die off. This is why Harley is starting to go after the younger generation with the 750cc models. See the younger generation is far enough removed from the idea that it takes a Harley to become a biker.

Yamaha, Honda,Suzuki,Triumph,Indian and Polaris started to put some wicked bikes on the market. The bikes being put out now far out do’s Harley’s reliability and power. Some of the bikes being put out there go all the way into the 2000 cc range. Most important you don’t see baggage racks falling off down the rode or having them sit in the shop half of riding season like most Harley’s are now a days with recalls. Let’s face it the competition is making Harley look like a joke now. Look at products like the Midnight star. Power, looks and reliability doubles anything Harley has put out.

Yea yea I know rice burners. Well it’s better to be riding down the road on a rice burner then sitting on the side of the road with your Harley. Yea I know the money goes to a foreign country. Well guess what at least they are hiring American workers and not outsourcing to India. Harley made a terrible mistake getting away from its core base in the mid 90s. My prediction is with all the recalls and shitty work being put out now the company could be looking at a crises in the very near future. That was evident in going into the 750 cc market.

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Blue Knights. The oldest wannabee cop club around, Fucktards 101

Blue Knights Well here is our dipshit wannabee biker clubs of the week. Yep it is non other then the Blue Knights. It’s the girly club made up by a bunch of homos in blue that during the week are leos and on the weekends like riding around with their 3 piece patch that you can get off the internet. It don’t take much to become one of these dick turds.

Qualify for membership you must:

  1. Be an active full or part time law enforcement officer with powers of arrest
  2. Be employed by a governmental agency and receive monetary compensation, or be a retired or disabled former law enforcement officer
  3. Possess a valid license to operate a motorcycle
  4. Own a motorcycle or plan to purchase one within six months

What really gets me is that you don’t even need a bike to join. Hum here you have a bunch of small dicks running around with a 3 piece patch and you don’t even have to have a motorcycle? What the fuck is this lifestyle coming too? Shit you have to give the idiots running around with Sons of Anarchy Patches some credit. At least them wannabee pussy cums most likely have a bike.  I went a little deeper into this fucktard of an organization. Oh by the way you can visit one of their comical websites. By the way you wonder how their old ladies must feel having to suck off a real poser like their old man. I bet they just dream of sucking off a real patch holder. Always wondering how she got the short dick. Well anyways not to go to far with that thought.

You can download a membership application online. Right there you have to say WHAT THE FUCK? Yea I know, not only do they wear a 3 piece patch ,dont have to own a bike right away , but you also can become a member through the internet. Do you fuck stains reading this getting the picture yet? Its bad enough they are a bunch of cops trying to play something they are not. But now they just make the entire lifestyle into a joke. Come on at least have some pride in your so called mc and make someone work for their cuts. Oh wait yea I know. Bunch of dam cops so I shouldn’t expect anything like that.

I sit here and try and place myself in all these dumb shits shoes. Are they really unhappy being who they truly are? I’m not ashamed of being an old scooter tramp. Why are they ashamed of being a cop? Well I can think of many reasons but won’t go there. But why try and act like us? It’s cool as hell getting on a scoot and getting in the wind. I get that and even applaud the little tit fuckers. What I don’t get is trying to throw on a 3 piece patch and acting like those you fuck tards hate in the first place. I really wish someone would anser that question for me. I understand your ol lady wants to screw a real man, I get it. You have to satisfy the cunt. Maybe you have a freaky ass role play going on but can’t you and the cunt get together with all your other playmates and do it in private?

Reading your history section of your international site you feeble idiots wanted a family club. Hey that’s cool and all. I know many cool ass riding clubs for families. Nothing is wrong with that. I would even promote that cops have the right to form a bond and use motorcycles to enhance it. But come on really the 3 piece patch and the territory patch is out of bounds. As soon as you tree humpers did that you made yourself into something you are not. Remember that the next time your screwing with a real scooter tramp.

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So does Blue Lives Matter ?

Well it’s been a busy summer of riding. Finally able to get back to writing.Yea I know all you fuck sticks missed me. Especially you wannabee cop clubs who like parading around acting like “Jax” from the Sons of Anarchy. I wonder now if we will have all the little dip shits running around in Knights costumes since the “Bastard Executioner” will be coming out soon. I don’t put anything past all the idiots who parade around like big bad bikers.

So lots happened since my last post and I promise Ill be writing a blog once a week again now that riding season is slowing down up north. First we have the #WACO bullshit. Here we had a Confederation of Clubs meeting that was going good until the fuck nuts sitting outside felt it was their job to make everyone look bad and start shooting the place up. It now has been put out there all the bikers killed were in fact from COPS bullets. So does this mean we will have some charges against this fag cops? Of course not. The fags will get away with it because anything that happens in Waco goes away. Government corruption at its best.

You see all the cops now a days running around crying because they are getting shot up everywhere.  “Blue Lives Matter” they are crying . Well fuck they should’ve thought about that when they are being complete dicks to everyone. They should’ve thought about that when they get their rocks off fucking everyone. This is no more apparent then what happen in Waco Texas. Over a 100 something bikers (Some who were in regular veterans clubs) were booked and arrested with million dollar bonds. Why? Because they were just there.

I believe every life matters. But you dam cops need to realize that people are sick and tired of your antics. Most who become cops just want a power trip because they lacked the ability to get pussy in high school. I can understand your upset about that. But you cheese dicks need to realize the rest of the population really don’t care if you got pussy or not. Simple way to do your jobs is to stop the over reaching and stop pissing people off when you are doing your job.

You idiots also have another huge problem who want to put on a 3 piece patch and play weekend outlaw. Your looked upon not only as fakes but people who deserve an ass kicking. One day your a cop and the next you want to be us. So you want to ride with a club? Wear a 1 piece patch, very simple shit. But no, your lack of pussy makes you want to be like us 1%ers. Your cops for one so that disqualifies you there from enjoying our lifestyle. That leads you cock munchers to put your cop scum into a 3 piece patch and claim territory with your bottom rocker. Yea we hear it all the time. “We dont claim any territory or we just ride for charity.”. That’s how dumb you cum juices really are. That bottom rocker claims territory in our world. You fuck stains don’t run anything so why act like us?

You have cops in clubs like the Punishers or Iron Order acting a fool. Iron Order has to be the biggest joke among all the pussy farts of the wannabee Police Clubs. See you notice I will not say M/C after their name. Thats because they are not. They are a bunch of wannabee idiots who couldnt pass the prospect period of any legit M/C.  In this PC world we live in the public supports these kinds of people. Why? They hear they are cops and everything is just great about them. Do or will I ever support these kinds of people? HELL fucking no. I see a bunch of fakes on a 20,000 bike who cleans it more then rides it.

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How to start an M/C- Welcome to the new Wrinkle Balls M/C Part 2

So you got the go ahead for Wrinkle Balls M/C from you local dominant club. So what’s next? No you don’t go out there acting like a bunch of fools tearing shit up. If you decide to go that route then your dominant club is more then likely going to give all you dip shits a nice ass whooping. Why? Because what ever you dip shits do in public is always going to fall back on them. Public perception and of course your local boys in blue are going to hound the shit out of them which in turn pisses them off. No the first thing you dumb fucks are going to do is get your bylaws and officers elected. Get some foundation to your club. Without structure nothing will last. Most new clubs will fail in the first five years. Oh yea when setting up your structure make sure everyone agrees a dictatorship will never work. Everything should carry a club vote. One of the biggest reasons for failure is because some jack ass thinks he’s better then everyone else and wants to play billy bad ass.

Your second step should involve how outsiders become members. Most sanctioned clubs will make a hang around period ,prospect period for a certain length of time before becoming a member. Cuts are earned, not paid for. You will find out real quick if your club doesn’t have a membership process how much hell you will catch from the other clubs. Sanctioned clubs don’t hang or party with a club that don’t have it together. Oh yea never let COPS into your club. Cops are club killers. They want to chase and bust scooter tramps Monday thru Friday and when Saturday rolls around they want to be like us. “FUCK THAT”.

Third step and this one is really important Monkey Shits. GO OUT ON RUNS AND BE SEEN. Support your Confederation of Clubs, Support those events of clubs that are sanctioned by the dominant club. Get out there and party. Get out there and ride with your fellow clubs. The more the other clubs see you at events the more they will come to respect your colors and come to your club events. Word of advice though and this might be hard for some of you cum guzzlers to understand. NEVER play with the opposite team of your dominant club. Some clubs get to big and think they can do whatever they want with whomever they want. Shit don’t work that way in the least. That’s a whole different monster right there I will talk about in part 3 of this series.

Now for Ol Ladies. Yes the little bitches who cause all the problems throughout the M/C world. Ol Ladies have big ass mouths and cause a ton of shit between clubs. Wars have started over Cunts and many brothers lost their lives cause of them. I personally suggest the use of “Property Of” Patches. Why? Because it helps get rid of a lot of confusion between clubs. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen shit break out because one club member didn’t know a bitch belonged to someone else in another club. If your club is a 3 piece patch then this is always the best route. If your cunt don’t like the patch then leave her ass at home when you go out. It’s safer for you and your club.

Clubhouses- I would forgo the club house until your membership grows. It’s hard enough to get something going already. Then you turn around and take on bills the club probably can’t afford anyway. This leads to a lot of internal fighting. One guy don’t pay and the next ones have to step up to cover the expenses. Too much drama at the start until your up and going so why have it. If the core of the club is strong then a club house will come eventually.

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Oh you don’t ride a Harley? Your not a Biker Dick Cheese.

Oh the dipshits, have pitty on them god of boobs and pussy. How many times do you have to hear this crap from some Rub or wannabee weekend warrior? Got a news flash for all you moran dick pumpers. Harley is no longer an American Made Bike. It is an American Assembled Bike for all you rejects who need me to speak it slowly. Harley contracts manufacturing of parts to plants located all over the world, including Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, and Mexico.  Those parts are then shipped to Harley factories here.  And these are not just accessories, but components for engines, chassis, and wheels. So while you Dick Pumpers are going around swearing up and down Harley’s are American made your making yourself look a fool. Harley’s New 500cc and 750 models are actually Made in India. You dumb dicks are being fed a line from the company and you fell for it. Harley is a good bike. But it’s not the best out there as the company has you to believe. Harley did a great job of branding itself. They did the best thing a company every could. They branded their logo on the backs of every dam rider out there basically. Every where you go there is the t-shirts and tattoos. What many don’t get is the company sold you out. Did you know the original factory in Milwaukee is just basically the corporate headquarters and museum? Of course not dick loads cause your too busy following the companies brain wash.

Back to even 1929 Harley  Contracted with Rikuo Internal Combustion Company produced actual Harley-Davidson models that carried the Harley-Davidson label, for use by Japanese military and police. It did so up til 1959 way after the war was over. Harley is about Marketing. They were able to market the rebel lifestyle. In 2008 they actually moved factories overseas because of employee costs. Harley Davidson is loosing it’s demographics. Old time scooter tramps are aging and the newer generation don’t rely on the marketing ploys. They see that Yamaha,Suzuki,Honda etc make a better bike.

Most will see from the main picture attached to this article that even the Road Report out this month discussed a comparison between the bikes. The top 5 consisted of 4 Jap makers and the 5th Victory. Even Victory is kicking the hell out of Harley. The numbers and facts don’t lie cum drips. Harley is just a marketing ploy gobbled up by the old timers. It all started after world war 2 and continues up till this day. The Japs were our enemies so everyone should just ride American Bikes. War ended over 70 years ago and the Japs have been our strongest allies since. Not to mention they can build some badass bikes. Shit they even have Harley building smaller cc bikes to keep up with them.

Harley having the mantle of the rebel image is really a thing of the past. They invested in marketing when they should’ve been investing in better bike building skills. That one reason there is why long term they will start to fade away on the scene. After the Vietnam generation is gone, most of the newer generation really won’t buy into that kind of stuff. They want to make sure that when they ride down a rode on a run they are not broken down on the side of the road. I’ve owned tons of Harleys and wish that wasn’t so. But the truth of the matter that’s what it comes down too. Japs are better bike builders. They take the time to really put together a great machine.

Victory and Indian by Polaris is right behind them. When your at the top of the mountain for so long you get too comfortable. It looks like Harley is starting to find that all out as it’s loosing a huge part of the motorcycle market share. I know,I know it’s hard for you dick drips to accept that having a Harley isn’t what makes you a biker.

Ok so your wondering if a dude is riding a Honda or Yamaha what do you classify him as? Well dumb shit the bike really never made the person riding it a biker in the first place. A biker is a lifestyle fucktards. It’s never been about the bike in the first place. It was always HEART. It was your word. It was the way you lived your life that made you a biker. Yes the independence that came from having the wind in your hair was a bonus. Having a nice chick on the bike of your ride was great. But it’s always been about who you were. Not what you rode. I’ve known a many old scooter tramps that never rode a Harley. But them scooter tramps had more heart then any rub I’ve ever seen on a Harley. They lived everyday by their word. Their love for the lifestyle. Quite frankly they were more respected for who they were then what they rode. The wind binds all of us in the lifestyle, but as in any lifestyle we all have our different personalities.

Next time you want to bash someone for riding something other then a Harley just remember everything in this article. Your making yourself look like an ass. Besides that you might just get your ass kicked. You probably will deserve it by the way for being an ass bubble. Friday coming up we will discuss LEO clubs. Yea I know my favorite target lol. Until then I’m outta here. You can follow me on twitter @topfuelabd.