Growing up a Son of an Outlaw Part 2: Prospecting

After my dad died I continued working at the strip club, I also took a part-time job with a club member who owned a motorcycle shop. The club had a rule, a person had to be 21 to prospect. Just because I was what the club called a “Legacy” didn’t mean I would be able to get around that rule. The club thrived for so long because of its by-laws, without them, the club would’ve fallen apart, a motorcycle club is only as strong as its bylaw enforcement.

The years were long, but I learned more and more from the guys, the club became my University. Don’t get me wrong now, just because I wasn’t 21, I was still considered a hang around and expected to be around the clubhouse. I usually worked Monday thru Saturday, both at the strip club and bike shop, throw in having to be at the clubhouse every night, my life was pretty well planned out day to day. I was happy with the life, some would’ve bitched and complained about all the hours, not me, I saw it as an education and a way to be around all the guys.44321_4531348323578_90144081_n

I never really had a steady ol lady, working at the strip club, I always had my pick of who I wanted that night. The Strippers were all over me because I had Roosters ear, it also helped that I was pretty dam built and handsome. Having two or more strippers a night wasn’t out of the norm, it was actually kind of cool, the brothers in the club always hung around to get a taste. I did get close to a stripper nicknamed “Stormy”, she was 20, not much older than me. Stormy would stay the night all the time, we were able to talk and laugh, the other bitches were just there to party and play. Stormy was different, if she disagreed with you, you would know. She wasn’t a player, I was the only one she would sleep with, something that was amazing considering she was a dancer.

Those hang around years taught me a lot about myself and who I could trust. I got the unique perspective that most would never see, all those my age going to college and getting raped on student loans to learn nothing about life anyway.


Finally, the night of my 21st birthday came. It’s a night that I will never forget. After getting off work at the shop I was told I had to be down at the clubhouse, so when work got over I jumped on my 87 sporty and rode on over. It was about 8 at night when I got there, the parking lot was packed, the club was having a party and had all the friendly clubs there. When I got into the door, one of the prospects directed me to the bunk room. No one was in there, I was told to take a seat and Rooster would be right in. After about 15 minutes Rooster and a few of the other guys came in and sat down. As soon as everyone got into the room, Rooster pulled out a vest and threw it at me, it was something that I’d been waiting for for years. The next words that Rooster spoke I would never forget. “You have 2 choices now, your either going to die young, or your going to spend lots of time in prison once you put that vest on”. I didn’t blink, I threw that vest right on. My birthday celebration was short lived, as soon as I out the vest on Rooster said: “Now get your ass behind the bar and earn it you piece of shit”. Yep no breaks for me.

Prospecting that year was no easy thing, the brothers ran me into the ground, I can remember long nights let me tell you. Prospecting for a true 1%er club is no joke. Now a days everyone watches that bullshit Sons of Anarchy and thinks of the brotherhood in those terms, shit you have wannabee clubs popping up on a daily basis. You know why those clubs were formed? It’s because them fools didn’t have the balls or guts to prospect for an established club. They didn’t choose to put pride in themselves, that’s why most of them clubs only last a year or two because true brotherhood doesn’t exist within its ranks.

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Whats a biker? Whats the lifestyle mean?

By James “Topfuel”Macecari

“To thine own self-be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”

What a powerful quote if any can be said, especially in this day and age. What’s lacking in the lifestyle? What has it become? Why all the focus on something that many just take for granted? These are the many questions that most hardcore scooter tramps have been asking since the mid 90’s. I also figure those questions can’t just be limited to the lifestyle now that I think about it, what has happened to men in this day and age? Where has honor and loyalty gone? Take a step back and really look hard what this country has become, are we really that scared to stand up for what’s right and wrong anymore? Good questions to ponder over a good blunt I’m thinking lol.

If you’ve been in this lifestyle more than say 20 years, things have really changed and become really screwed up. Cops now openly running around wearing 3 piece patches, the new generation of club members or people coming into the lifestyle, in general, is screwed up. No, you do not have to be in a club to be a biker, independents actually make up most of the population of the lifestyle. What I do remember is that men were men, we kept our word to each other, we stood our ground on things we believed to be right, you can’t really find those things anymore in this new generation. Things today are more of an act than a lifestyle for most, shit I know some women that are more honorable than some men in this lifestyle, that’s pretty bad because in my day women were stuck on the back of a scooter and mouth shut.

Do I ever think that the lifestyle will get back to its roots? No, because the new generation has been raised a hell of a lot different than those of generations of the past. Hard work, dedication to one’s beliefs, loyalty to one’s brothers or sisters is gone, swept under the rug by a generation that was raised so politically correct it can make you sick just thinking about it.


One thing I do not understand most out there, is the need to act something they are not. Let’s take all these cop clubs for example. They took an oath when they received that badge, they swore to perform the job in which they chose. An oath to scooter tramps is something that binds us, something that we put every effort into, we strive to keep our word, our dignity. This is something cop clubs do not understand the least bit. They believe because they wear that badge and were giving a little power they can do as they wish, invade a whole lifestyle that they for decades harassed, discriminated against and look at those in it as trash, criminals. So how is it all of a sudden they feel they should be accepted by those who lived through all the discrimination?

I hear many that are in sissy clubs like the Iron Order, Punishers or Blue Knights say that we served our country and it’s our right. I always take care in saying “Thanks for the Service” but who gives a god damn. Most of us scooter tramps served in every major war this country has ever fought, after leaving we wanted what we had in the service, thus the reason why the clubs starting popping up after ww2. We didn’t support those who were hell bent on harassing every brother and sister out there, that’s what you have in clubs like Iron Order and the punishers. You are knowingly associating with those who wouldn’t give a rats ass about you, especially if you realize they have the Blue Code and your not a part of that unless you wear that badge. You are associating yourself with people who over the years have gone out of their way to make the lives of hardworking people miserable, just because they dressed different or because of some bullshit the AMA pushed on everyone.

What is the meaning of the “Biker Lifestyle”? What does it mean to be a “Biker”? The old scooter tramps know the answers because they lived it, they breathed it and incorporated every aspect of their lives into what the lifestyle is about. Mind you that a club isn’t a condition on being considered a biker, Independents actually make up the bulk of the biker community. Yes, the image of the biker can arguably be tied to the MC world, but it doesn’t mean that is who you have to act like. Independents are some of the most fun brothers and sisters out there. They work their asses off during the week, jump on that scooter on the weekend and live life to the fullest. One of the biggest pet peeves I have personally is someone acting like something they are not.

So what do I mean when I say ” Don’t act like something you’re not”? Well to put it in basic terms here is an analogy. I would have more respect for a dude like that one in that wild hogs movie who got a tattoo of the apple symbol, then a dude walking around acting billy bad ass cause he just bought a new Harley and all the cute leathers to go with it. That’s not the lifestyle and it sure the hell isn’t being a biker. The whole idea of the lifestyle is to be who you are and not give a damn what others think. So why in the world act like something your not? Be true to yourself, Be true to the lifestyle in which you want to be a part of. It isn’t rocket science.

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Growing up 1%-A Sons account Part 1 of 3

Many of us grew up during a time when stuff was pretty dam hard. I grew up with 3 brothers in Chicago. Mother worked two jobs most of her life and my Father who would have a huge impression worked in a steel mill. Times were tough, we lived in a cock roach invested 3 bedroom apartment on the Northside of Chicago in a mostly Latino neighborhood. My pops moved to Chicago when he was 14 from Oceana West Virginia. He lived a hard and screwed up life. His father,my grandfather was an old school coal miner and the meanest drunk West Virginia ever seen. I can remember being told a story about my grandfather. One day he got on one of his drunking rages and beat my grandmother up. The cops were called to the house, my grandfather was waiting for the sheriff on top of a hill. Everyone knew each other back then since the town was so small. He said ” Listen up Mike, I have one bullet in this revolver for you and one for me. Make your choice”. Lets just say the sheriff let the situation cool off. Dam Grandfather was so mean the town showed up to the funeral to make sure he was dead.

I now know those days for my father haunted him. He was also a drunk. A mean one at that. He would give us a beating for just about anything. One of the biggest mistakes that we could make as boys was for him to catch us crying or loosing a fight. I remember one time the school called. Told him I’d been in a fight at school and got a bloody nose or some crap. He specifically asked “Did he win? Cause if not he has another ass whooping coming when he gets home”. Yea the threat of an asswhooping from him installed in me if I ever got into a fight I better dam well make sure I did everything I could to win it.

When I was about 10 my father and his friends started hanging around a motorcycle club in the area. When I turned 11 he was a full patched member and always out on the weekends. During the week after he got out of work he would be hanging with his brothers. It was always a point of contention with my mother. After a while she just accepted him being gone all the time. Shit it actually was a quiet time around the house and ass whoopings got lesser the more he was with the club.

When I turned 13 my pops started bringing me around all the guys. It was a sight to see, all those Harleys and Triumphs was an amazing experience. My favorite part of being taken around the guys as a huge Rotty named “Rex”. It was the security for the clubhouse. Mean ass mother he was, but he was as nice as could be too me. As the year went on my pops would bring me to the clubhouse more and more. I became close friends with another members son. We are still the closest of brothers till this day. One thing that didn’t matter was race. It was a white/latino club. Being in a Latino neighborhood I was able to get the biker culture from both sides.

14 was the first time I got laid. Yes It was my birthday and my pops came up too me and told me to hit the back room. The room is where the guys held all of their meetings. I thought I was about to get my ass whooped and didn’t even know why. My pops closed the door and said make me proud. About 10 minutes later a 25 year old stripper came into the room and my world was rocked. My ol my can I still remember that day like it was yesterday. We were in the room for about 30 minutes, I blew my cherry bomb and she left the room. About 5 minutes later I heard my pops yelling for me to get out of the room now. When I came out all the guys from the club were out in the bar area yelling up a storm and giving me the high 5. Talking about becoming a man that day, and even better all those people cheering you on for popping your cherry.


Another big moment for me came when my pops got me a 1977 cb750 piece of shit when I was 15. Actually it was a frame and box of parts, couldn’t even call it a scooter because shit was everywhere and not assembled at all. “Here’s your ride, everyday after your chores and school I better see you putting this thing together.” He threw me a box of tools and I had at it. Man I remember I had no dam clue what I was doing. When I would ask my pops for help he smack the shit out of me and tell me if I could read I could do it my dam self. It took me a year and a half to get that bike up and running. I didn’t have nothing but a year and a half of busted up knuckles and pride with that dam bike lol.

By time I was 16 my pops was full time club member. Got rid of his steel mill job and told my mother he was finished. Couldn’t take the ragging any longer from her. I choose to go with my pops while my brothers chose to stay with my mother. My pops got a 1 bedroom house a few miles where I grew up. He had a stripper as a new ol lady, stupid bitch was high or drunk most of the time but she was cool too me. She was one of those broads that would make you shake your head every time she talked. I especially liked her because she would bring her friends over from the strip club all the time. Yea it was a high school kids dream let me tell you.

Tune in for Part 2 on Monday of the article which will talk about Hard Times for my pops and the club


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Military officials consider Iron Order Ban

Army officials in Colorado say they’re considering placing the Iron Order — one of the fastest-growing motorcycle clubs in the country, and particularly popular among military and law enforcement personnel — on an off-limits list of extremist groups and criminal gangs in the wake of a deadly biker brawl in Denver.


Read Entire Article Here at Military Times


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Biker Bobs Joke of the Day

Biker Bob” walks into a bank and says to the woman at the teller window “I want to open a God damn checking account.” The astonished woman replies, “I beg your pardon, sir. I must have misunderstood you. What did you say?” “Listen up, God damn it. I said I want to open a fucking checking account now!” “I’m very sorry sir, but that kind of language is not tolerated in this bank.”The teller leaves the window and goes over to the bank manager to inform him of her situation. The manager agrees that the teller does not have to listen to that foul language. They both return to the window and the manager asks the old biker, “Sir, what seems to be the problem here?” “There is no God damn problem,” Bob says. “I just won 50 million dollars in the fucking lottery and I want to open a God damn checking account in this fuckin bank!” “I see, ” says the manager, “and is this stupid cunt giving you a hard time sir?”


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Rise of the Machine-Rock Machine MC

“The ROCK MACHINE M.C. was formed in Montreal in the mid 80’s quickly spreading
across Canada. The club was formed by bikers looking for real Brotherhood,
dedication and trust amongst themselves and to show that there were people who
would rather stand up and fight rather than be extorted and bullied. To show
they were a different breed, the original members wore rings made from either
gold or sterling silver with the clubs signature Eagle head on it along with the
ROCK MACHINE name instead of the traditional three piece patch in the

By 1991 the club had grown to the point where not only the
government but also other motorcycle clubs took notice. By that time the ROCK
MACHINE had opened up a support group called the Palmers and also had formed a
coalition of other like minded clubs and individuals called the Dark Circle
becoming the premier motorcycle club in Canada.

In 1994 there was a leadership change stemming from a large bust. 1994 began a violent time for the ROCK MACHINE and for the next three years we defended ourselves from our enemies and the heat brought by the Canadian government until peace was made in

Then, in early 2000 the majority of the ROCK MACHINE decided to
patch over to the American based Bandido M.C. Not all were happy about the move.
Some defected to other clubs and some who were on the street and some who were
locked down stayed loyal to the ROCK MACHINE and never gave up.

By 2007, due in part to a heinous tragedy in Sheddon Ontario in 2006, the Canadian
Brothers feeling betrayed decided to go back to their roots and proper

In early 2008 the ROCK MACHINE was once again the talk of Canada
and all the Brothers were home again. 2008 also saw the opening of the first of
many United States and Australian chapters.

Since 2008 the Rock Machine has been silently growing throughout the world but more importantly in the United States. Today in 2016 The Rock Machine has chapters in the United States in the states of Florida,Connecticut,Illinois and New York. When I reached out to a member of the Rock Machine here in the states he said it best. “We are not the biggest, nor want to be. We want a true brotherhood built on respect and honor. To do that takes someone a long time of hanging around just so we get to know you. Who gives a shit about numbers”.

The Rock Machine has many International Chapters as well Canada,Australia,Germany,Thailand and Russia. 2e10ef7ca045f1df5d25164104878b0c

The Rock Machine was one of the notorious clubs involved in the Great Quebec War of the 90s. The Rock Machine and Hells Angels fought to a truce in 2000. Its at that time some of the Rock Machine went Bandido. The only Rock Machine left was those serving time behind bars which upon getting out started back up the club it is today.

When I asked about the war I was giving a very simple answer. “That is the past and we are moving forward. We do not have any beefs against anyone here in the United States. We do our own thing and will party with whoever wants to party with us.”

The Rock Machine that I’ve met are a bunch of stand up guys. I’ve was told it was hard at first being a Canadian Club coming into the United States. “But the brothers stood firm on their beliefs and will never look back.”

What I think I’ve found out by interviewing some of the Rock Machine Members. It’s a different breed but at the same time more closely a breed found in the early 80s. They care for each other and their families and that’s about it. They have no care about politics of other clubs. They want to ride together and party. They do not care who’s fighting who or this club is wearing this bottom rocker. It honestly didn’t matter from what I was gathering. Rock Machine members only really gave a shit about other Rock Machine members. The rest of the world didn’t even have to exist for all they cared. 11214284_893808494006681_9162892503720393525_n

The Rock Machine United States Website is to learn more about them.

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National Council of Clubs Responds to Denver Motorcycle Expo Shooting

“The National Council of Clubs has a heightened concern with the general demeanor of some law enforcement member motorcycle clubs. The repeated public displays of violence by members of the Iron Order, combined with the conflict they infuse within society, as compared to the intended mission of law enforcement, should be a concern to all citizens, professional law enforcement and government officials everywhere.”

Official Statement At National Council Of Clubs2016-02-01_14-09-48

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