Trend Setters in the Biker Lifestyle

There have been many brothers out there who took the lifestyle by storm. A few traits shared among all the greats were a dedication to hard work,creativity, a no care attitude about what others thought. With those qualities in mind some very dedicated people come up. Jesse James of West Coast Choppers, Indian Larry, David Mann and Ed Roth. Yea you notice dickheads at Orange County Chopper never came up in this list. They were made by reality television and nothing else. They had no talent whatsoever in many peoples eyes. Paul who? Paulie who? Lol come on they remind me of a bunch of fags at a gay bachelor party.

Jesse James- As everyone knows Jesse Founded West Coast Choppers in the early 90’s.Jesse is one of those brothers who give the definition to work. His work ethic is something to admire. He recently started making some kick ass firearms at well at his Jesse James Firearms Unlimited Company. Jesse has brought his game when it comes to making and designing guns just like he always had with his awesome chopper builds. Plus who can’t admire a brother who came up from the street that boned Sandra Bullock, Kat Von D and other celebrity hots? All of us old scooter tramps can be proud knowing one of our own got in the pants of those ladies. Bravo I say! Besides his conquest of hot women Jesse has always stayed true to who he was. What millionaire do you know who will get down in the trenches everyday and pound iron? Jesse James is a master with metal. What’s even more cool about him is he seeks out guidance from those that came before him. I really wish that a channel would pick up on the idea he had for a show about working metal and those who do it. Hell of a show it would be. Better then those other fake ass reality shows now a days.

Ed Roth-   “expect criticism; if you can’t do it get help; you don’t need fancy tools or a fancy garage; and if you fulfill your duty Heavenly Father will bless you in what you do.” Roth not only created the famous “Rat Fink” character but he also had a hand in creating the Kustom Kulture. His pinstriping skills were of legend and he was able to bridge the gap between Hot Rods and Motorcycles. Being self educated like most of the greats this brother was able to get Mattel to produce his famous Beatnik Bandit Hot Rod.

Indian Larry- The builder among builders. He was down to earth and took pride in making sure he built the best bikes around. No he didn’t build the fancy choppers of the late 90’s and 00’s. He kept to the true chopper designs of the 70’s and 80’s. His scooters made Orange County Choppers look like bikes with training wheels.  When talking about the last chopper he built. “You don’t see bikes like this that often. That’s what I shoot for, something that’s just mind-bending”. It was that kind of vision that made his scooters. That kind of vision that made us all love them.

David Mann- Who doesn’t know of David Mann being the one inspiration why many became bikers in the first place? His motorcycle art transformed a lifestyle. I can bet every scooter tramp in the world has at least one of his prints from an Easy Riders magazine hanging on the garage wall. He caught the rebellion and brotherhood of the movement to life with his prints. Any real scooter tramp to tell right away what David was trying to say in his drawings. Mann was no poser either. Being a member of a well recognized club he often included his brothers in the print. Honor and Integrity could always be found as the message trying to be put across.

Honor and Integrity is something that has been missed out on lately with these new generations of so called bikers. Many run around having no idea what those two words mean. These people run out and get a Harley because they think it’s cool. They go around calling others brothers not knowing the meaning of what brotherhood is. That’s what the biker lifestyle has lost since the old timers of old. Being a biker was a complete lifestyle choice. It wasn’t a part time thing. It wasn’t being someone who you were not. Getting on that scooter was who you were. You became apart of the machine. Molded together as one. It wasn’t a phase that someone just went through. Hopefully one day greats like the men above can inspire the next generation to become real again.


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So does a Bitch belong anywhere but on the back?

Hey there butt rapist!! It’s that time again where we come together to piss on someones cereal because they can’t take what they read. Isn’t that what America is about now a days? Everyone crying that their feelings are hurt? Well keeping with that tradition I bet Im going to piss off a lot of people with this post. Not only the cum guzzling little house wives, but probably some fake ass wannabee middle age fuck tard that licks his wives pussy on her orders.

What has happened to real men now a days anyways? For one ass nuggets don’t work any more, they sit in front of a tv and play video games all day while whacking off to internet porn. Yea I know internet porn is pretty awesome but dam put the little tally wacker away and go to work or at least send the ol lady out to make the money. Now a days these so called men would never dare put a women in her place though. To busy worrying about Mary Poppins not giving him his monthly pussy taste. Yea I know this is a whole different subject then what the post is suppose to be about.

So it’s almost 2016 and every summer you see all these women riding around with their pretty little leathers. Has times really changed that much? In the old days you would never see this kind of stuff in the lifestyle unless the bitch was some kind of bull dyke that would probably whoop your ass. Nope now you see the normal house wife on a scooter by herself. No longer are they posing on the ol mans scoot,they are actually out there acting the man. I guess women’s lib made it into the Biker lifestyle.

Use to be only time you seen a broad around was when she was on her knees giving the brother next to ya some happy times.  Riding a scooter was a man’s chance to get away from the ol lady and get out there and let loose. Now the so called brothers have to have the ol lady tagging along. Shit causes too much drama.You have this bitch and that bitch crying and whining she did this or she did that. How the hell is a man suppose to get out there and enjoy the brothers and the road? Leave the bitch at home unless it’s your side piece.

This new wave of scooter tramps need to discover their balls. This is exactly why the new age is so jacked up. Men are no longer men. Always led around on a leash. So lets do a little exercise out there. Nest time your ol lady wants to come out with you and the brothers just tell her NO! Stay your ass home where you belong. If I wanted you to go with then I would’ve asked you too. That right there will get ya laid boys. Frees you up to get some new pussy. Most of all it allows you to jump on your scooter and enjoy the piece and quiet of the road.

Now this is for all the ladies out there. You know you cum guzzlers want a real man. How it really must screw with you having to play mommy to your wannabee Sons of Anarchy baby biker boy. If he’s kissing you fat ass then he isn’t what ya need. He’s not going to give it to you the way a real man will. I know your ol man is involved with one of those Leo Clubs and you wish you could be with a real dog in a 3 piece club. A man that will just throw you down and screw your brains out until every fiber of your being is worn out. Well you wont find that with some pussy whipped middle age suit and tie playing biker on the weekends. Especially no idiot running around in an Iron Order patch or any of them other cop clubs. Best advice to give you is run and get you a lawyer. Get rid of the ball licker as soon as you can.

See ya next week ape fuckers lol