Growing up a Son of an Outlaw Part 2: Prospecting

After my dad died I continued working at the strip club, I also took a part-time job with a club member who owned a motorcycle shop. The club had a rule, a person had to be 21 to prospect. Just because I was what the club called a “Legacy” didn’t mean I would be able to get around that rule. The club thrived for so long because of its by-laws, without them, the club would’ve fallen apart, a motorcycle club is only as strong as its bylaw enforcement.

The years were long, but I learned more and more from the guys, the club became my University. Don’t get me wrong now, just because I wasn’t 21, I was still considered a hang around and expected to be around the clubhouse. I usually worked Monday thru Saturday, both at the strip club and bike shop, throw in having to be at the clubhouse every night, my life was pretty well planned out day to day. I was happy with the life, some would’ve bitched and complained about all the hours, not me, I saw it as an education and a way to be around all the guys.44321_4531348323578_90144081_n

I never really had a steady ol lady, working at the strip club, I always had my pick of who I wanted that night. The Strippers were all over me because I had Roosters ear, it also helped that I was pretty dam built and handsome. Having two or more strippers a night wasn’t out of the norm, it was actually kind of cool, the brothers in the club always hung around to get a taste. I did get close to a stripper nicknamed “Stormy”, she was 20, not much older than me. Stormy would stay the night all the time, we were able to talk and laugh, the other bitches were just there to party and play. Stormy was different, if she disagreed with you, you would know. She wasn’t a player, I was the only one she would sleep with, something that was amazing considering she was a dancer.

Those hang around years taught me a lot about myself and who I could trust. I got the unique perspective that most would never see, all those my age going to college and getting raped on student loans to learn nothing about life anyway.


Finally, the night of my 21st birthday came. It’s a night that I will never forget. After getting off work at the shop I was told I had to be down at the clubhouse, so when work got over I jumped on my 87 sporty and rode on over. It was about 8 at night when I got there, the parking lot was packed, the club was having a party and had all the friendly clubs there. When I got into the door, one of the prospects directed me to the bunk room. No one was in there, I was told to take a seat and Rooster would be right in. After about 15 minutes Rooster and a few of the other guys came in and sat down. As soon as everyone got into the room, Rooster pulled out a vest and threw it at me, it was something that I’d been waiting for for years. The next words that Rooster spoke I would never forget. “You have 2 choices now, your either going to die young, or your going to spend lots of time in prison once you put that vest on”. I didn’t blink, I threw that vest right on. My birthday celebration was short lived, as soon as I out the vest on Rooster said: “Now get your ass behind the bar and earn it you piece of shit”. Yep no breaks for me.

Prospecting that year was no easy thing, the brothers ran me into the ground, I can remember long nights let me tell you. Prospecting for a true 1%er club is no joke. Now a days everyone watches that bullshit Sons of Anarchy and thinks of the brotherhood in those terms, shit you have wannabee clubs popping up on a daily basis. You know why those clubs were formed? It’s because them fools didn’t have the balls or guts to prospect for an established club. They didn’t choose to put pride in themselves, that’s why most of them clubs only last a year or two because true brotherhood doesn’t exist within its ranks.

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Iron Order M/C Cry to Facebook: We are being cyber bullied

There have still been no charges filed against Iron Order Motorcycle Club hit man Derrick “Kong” Duran. Duran shot and killed one member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and seriously wounded another at the Colorado Motorcycle Exposition in Denver on January 30.Source Aging Rebel

Yesterday, complaints from Iron Order members convinced Facebook to remove a couple of what the Iron Order calls “hater pages.” The pages were “IOMC The Real Truth 2” and “I Think Iron Order Sucks Too.” Source Aging Rebel

You have to love the Aging Rebel. They get the best information on what is going on within the Biker Community. I like to thank you over there because you always give me some good shit to blog about, especially when it comes to the wannabees over at Iron Order M/C.

Today we get to talk about the idiots of a so-called motorcycle club filled with cops, if you’re wondering why Derrick “Kong” Duran didn’t get charged in the Denver shooting, it’s because he’s a corrections officer. Yep you heard it right he works for the State of Colorado as a pig inside the joint. It’s this reason alone that he has not been charged, even though he was photographed running up the stairs with the gun in his hand and no one around him was armed.


Well, looks like after the shooting the mainstream media have stepped up their critique on why cops are trying to act like bikers, the ones they work so very hard to bust and harass all the time. It also looks like the Iron Order is having it’s feelings hurt all over social media, in response they have complained to Facebook that they are getting cyber bullied. Yes, you heard it right, a motorcycle club is complaining it’s getting cyber bullied. They fear for their lives lol.

By now I know most reading this is shaking their heads saying “What the Fuck”, you know with that stupid look a dog gives you when you’re acting a fool. I’ve been riding for 30 years and nothing like this has ever been heard of. A suppose motorcycle club crying that it is being bullied. “People are making fun out of us mommy!” I’ve heard of everything nowadays being politically correct, but come on really?

Iron Order has done nothing for the Biker Lifestyle but gives it a big black eye, everything from pictures on the internet with members on their knees simulating sucking a guy off, to crying to a dam internet site about being bullied. Really come on. How is people even a member of an organization like this?

We all have to thank Iron Order, for one thing, they have united clubs all across the world. They have disgraced what a motorcycle club is about, they have dishonored the meaning of brotherhood, most of all they brought cops into their club. Was this on purpose? Seems to be the case, they knew once they started out that they would need cover from the cops because they intended to disrespect all the clubs out there. They have screwed with the Red and White, Black and White, Gold and Red, a big mistake. Sooner or later someone is going to get hurt or even killed over the antics.


When the Iron Order screwed around in Denver and Killed a Mongol they stirred a wasp nest. This incident you can bet was the last draw for a lot of the clubs out there. The old saying goes “You can only play with fire until you get burned”. Iron order played with a 3 alarm blaze this time. What sad about this whole situation, these asses are recruiting off the internet, people who do not know any better is going to search them out and try and join them. After all, it’s pretty simple to get a patch in the mail. People will see it as an opportunity to join a club with some television coverage, Iron Order won’t warn these people the dangers they will be facing putting on that patch, won’t tell them they are blacklisted in the motorcycle world.

Hopefully, I can reach those people through this article, warn them to find a legit club to prospect for or just to hang around. If you think that being apart of a club is just the patch on your back, your wrong. Putting on a patch for these people will only get you hurt, you might be the coolest person, the sad truth is these asses at Iron Order will get you hurt. Being a part of an M/C is not getting a patch online, years and years of traditions are in effect on the streets, some held very dearly to many. Iron Order is a recipe for disaster, after all, do you really want to wear a patch of a club that gets cyber bullied?


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Cops start turning on cops who claim Iron Order

Well isn’t this a surprise? Cops breaking the blue code! Seems like police officers around the country are getting tired of their comrades acting like something they are not. The shooting in Denver has started a firestorm within the mainstream media that is finally letting the world know that cops are not god but in fact a bunch of hypocrites with a badge.

“These types of cops that join these motorcycle clubs are assholes and acting like outlaw bikers and deserve everything they get,” the law enforcement source said, coming down on them for flying colors and lower and upper rockers like other OMGs but then trying to say they are above committing crime. “If it’s a legitimate club then they wouldn’t be anywhere near the Mongols.”

Read the full article here


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Mongols M/C Make Statement about Denver

“The Mongols Motorcycle Club is confidant that the many independent witnesses will tell the truth and that this matter will be handled appropriately. Everyone has the right to defend themselves from physical confrontation. If someone is threatened or attacked, that person has the right to stand up for himself and use appropriate force to defend against that threat. However, any force used to defend yourself must be reasonable. Pulling a gun after one of your buddies pushes someone is not reasonable and cannot be self defense. Shooting an unarmed person that tries to disarm you after you unlawfully brandish a gun cannot be self defense. Running to the top of the stairs, pointing a gun at the crowd below and shooting an unarmed man that bravely tried to disarm you cannot be self defense.

You can read the rest of the article at The Aging Rebel

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