Growing up a Son of an Outlaw Part 2: Prospecting

After my dad died I continued working at the strip club, I also took a part-time job with a club member who owned a motorcycle shop. The club had a rule, a person had to be 21 to prospect. Just because I was what the club called a “Legacy” didn’t mean I would be able to get around that rule. The club thrived for so long because of its by-laws, without them, the club would’ve fallen apart, a motorcycle club is only as strong as its bylaw enforcement.

The years were long, but I learned more and more from the guys, the club became my University. Don’t get me wrong now, just because I wasn’t 21, I was still considered a hang around and expected to be around the clubhouse. I usually worked Monday thru Saturday, both at the strip club and bike shop, throw in having to be at the clubhouse every night, my life was pretty well planned out day to day. I was happy with the life, some would’ve bitched and complained about all the hours, not me, I saw it as an education and a way to be around all the guys.44321_4531348323578_90144081_n

I never really had a steady ol lady, working at the strip club, I always had my pick of who I wanted that night. The Strippers were all over me because I had Roosters ear, it also helped that I was pretty dam built and handsome. Having two or more strippers a night wasn’t out of the norm, it was actually kind of cool, the brothers in the club always hung around to get a taste. I did get close to a stripper nicknamed “Stormy”, she was 20, not much older than me. Stormy would stay the night all the time, we were able to talk and laugh, the other bitches were just there to party and play. Stormy was different, if she disagreed with you, you would know. She wasn’t a player, I was the only one she would sleep with, something that was amazing considering she was a dancer.

Those hang around years taught me a lot about myself and who I could trust. I got the unique perspective that most would never see, all those my age going to college and getting raped on student loans to learn nothing about life anyway.


Finally, the night of my 21st birthday came. It’s a night that I will never forget. After getting off work at the shop I was told I had to be down at the clubhouse, so when work got over I jumped on my 87 sporty and rode on over. It was about 8 at night when I got there, the parking lot was packed, the club was having a party and had all the friendly clubs there. When I got into the door, one of the prospects directed me to the bunk room. No one was in there, I was told to take a seat and Rooster would be right in. After about 15 minutes Rooster and a few of the other guys came in and sat down. As soon as everyone got into the room, Rooster pulled out a vest and threw it at me, it was something that I’d been waiting for for years. The next words that Rooster spoke I would never forget. “You have 2 choices now, your either going to die young, or your going to spend lots of time in prison once you put that vest on”. I didn’t blink, I threw that vest right on. My birthday celebration was short lived, as soon as I out the vest on Rooster said: “Now get your ass behind the bar and earn it you piece of shit”. Yep no breaks for me.

Prospecting that year was no easy thing, the brothers ran me into the ground, I can remember long nights let me tell you. Prospecting for a true 1%er club is no joke. Now a days everyone watches that bullshit Sons of Anarchy and thinks of the brotherhood in those terms, shit you have wannabee clubs popping up on a daily basis. You know why those clubs were formed? It’s because them fools didn’t have the balls or guts to prospect for an established club. They didn’t choose to put pride in themselves, that’s why most of them clubs only last a year or two because true brotherhood doesn’t exist within its ranks.

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Harley Davidson on the Ropes-News not good

By: James “Topfuel”Macecari

Harley Davidson is on the ropes. Is the Motor Company  starting to loose its grip on the market? According to many financial news sites, Harley Davidson is starting to cook the books, well continue to do so as it has so many times in the past.

“How many times will Harley-Davidson use this tactic to make its sales numbers? To me it’s suspect, and investors should be wary that things might continue to get worse before they get better.” (Source Motley Fool)

What is Harley-Davidson doing  shipping an overabundance of motorcycles to the dealerships, what could be wrong with that? Plenty, that’s because the dealerships still have an overstock of inventory they still haven’t sold. In essence, Harley-Davidson is cooking the books, this so the stock price doesn’t drop off. Why would this concern investors? If the company isn’t selling bikes, the company is losing financial strength and no longer a good investment.

I wrote “Harley- Davidson: No Longer King -Company in trouble” a few weeks back. Many were upset about some of the points that were made in the article, some were trying to give Harley-Davidson legitimacy, saying that “Harley has over 50% of the market share, they can never lose the title.” Others claimed I was bashing Harley-Davidson because I worked for the competition. No, in truth I’m just an independent blogger who rides a Harley -Davidson. No Conspiracy stuff against the company.

Harley-Davidson is in a position right now that mirrors the position they were in before the AMF sale. Strong market share, loyal customer base, and most important, being steered into the ground by corporate greed. Look closely when you walk into a dealership, what do you see? Most of a dealership facility is dedicated to clothing and accessories, be honest now, how many square feet of your local dealership is dedicated to actual motorcycle sales? How much of the sales floor is overstocked with used inventory compared to new inventory? Those observations can be very telling, the dealerships are making more money on used models then new. The market has become flooded with used products, meaning the new stuff has to wait.

This is the issue that Harley is trying to hide from investors ,when you don’t have an uptick in sales from the previous year, especially with it being quarter after quarter, people start to panic. Add the fact that Harley now has an American Company in Polaris (Whom already has a serious reputation in outdoor sports), strong competition from overseas companies like Honda, Yamaha, the market share starts to shrink. People no longer care about the “If you don’t ride a Harley, you’re not a biker”, individuals care only about personal preference and comfort, not an image.

All the news organizations that are experts in the field of financials say the same thing, Harley has to move from its pricing structure.

“But Harley’s been bucking the trend, refusing to give up the premium it charges for its bikes for the sake of market share. And as the past year proved, it lost share to rivals, even though it still does own almost half of the big-bike market.” (Source Motley Fool )

Notice it states, “Big-Bike Market”. This is a distinction that was lost on my last article. Many do not understand that it is only a class of bikes that  corners the market, it’s only one aspect of the motorcycle market. Why do you think Harley-Davidson came out with the smaller Sportster? Most of the market are not looking for a Bagger, they are not looking for a Fatboy, they are looking for a reliable bike to get around the city in, after all, most bikes are sold in major cities and suburbs.


What is my opinion on what Harley needs to do? First return to customer service, get the dealerships to rid employees thinking that if you’re not in there to buy a 20,000 bike, you must not be worth the attention. I hate going into dealerships for anything, I always go to the small independent shop, just because of that type of attitude. Another thing I would suggest is to concentrate on making something new, bring out a new class, change the line up a bit like they did with the 550s, and 750s. Finally, get back to your original customer base, the ones who stuck with you all these years, get the prices of the bikes back where the working man can afford them. Those suggestions are what most people who love the company want, something as simple as those suggestions could get Harley back on track. Will they do it? Probably not, they are now indebted to the RUBS and other investors.

To Read: Harley no longer king  (Click Here)

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Iron Order – Shootout in Oklahoma

By James”Topfuel”Macecari

Iron Order is at it again, this time, near Kickapoo Casino in Harrah.
Redneck Rough Riders and the Iron Order were involved in the incident at a gas station this past weekend (2-18-16). This is just a few weeks after a corrections officer for the State of Colorado in an Iron Order rag shot and killed a member of the Mongols M/C. (Source News)

The Iron Order looks to be trying to up its rep on the street by taking on legitimate motorcycle clubs, one has to wonder when the Iron Order will finally pay the piper? For a club, that states on its website, “We are a Law Abiding Club”, it sure is hard to believe by its actions. When will the Midwest Gang Unit finally get off their asses and bring justice? They claim that anyone wearing a three piece patch is nothing more than a gang member, what about their buddies in blue trying to play Outlaw and shooting everything up? Where is the RICO Charges? Where is the harassment? Oh yea, they have pigs in the club so they get a pass.


I believe that the National Confederation of Clubs needs to come together and find a common solution to these punks in blue, time for all the clubs to put aside all the other problems and unite against these so-called “Law Abiding Individuals”. Iron Order will continue its current behaviour until they are shown their ways are not in conjunction with the rest of the biker world. Time for promoters and event organizers make sure that Iron Order is not welcome at any events, after all, it’s almost certain with Iron Orders members showing up to events where other clubs are at, problems will always go down because Iron Order thrives on causing problems.

In my opinion nothing will rise out of this latest incident, you will have the pigs crying self-defense and their buddies covering up for them. It will be just one more incident to Iron Orders list of issues its cause the “Real MC World”. Citizens will start seeing these punks running around causing problems, they will lump them into all motorcycle clubs, the real MCs will then have the image problem cause of Iron Order. It isn’t bad enough that MC members get profiled just riding down the road, now they have to deal with the crap they had nothing to do with in the first place.

I Find it funny that these so-called “Bad Boys” are so tough on the street, but just these past week they were crying to Facebook about being “Cyber Bullied”, all anti-Iron Order Pages were taken down a cause of this. You really have to wonder how any of them people would put on an Iron Order Patch, they got the patch mail order, they didn’t have to earn it, but they still wonder why people cannot stand them. Inviting cops into your club are one big no, but damn, at least, have enough respect for your club to do it the right way. Don’t go out there handing out patches to cops and people whom never earned them, what respect do you think you will ever get ?

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A Victory V92C frozen-American Durability

By James “Topfuel” Macecari
A Victory V92C TC frozen into a block of ice four years ago has been thawed and restarted with a battery being the only new part needed.
Perhaps even more impressive: the bike had more than 186,000 miles on the clock.
The Victory motorcycle had been purchased by Sweden’s Icehotel and frozen into a block of ice in 2011. After four years, however, the hotel decided to set the block of ice out in the sun and let it thaw naturally. (Source Biker News Online).

Can we say “Made in America”? The V92C TC 2002 spent it’s whole life as a “Shaker” bike. These are the type of bikes the R&D Departments use to put their products through every scenario they will face on the road. It already had about 180,000 miles on it when it went to the deep freeze.

Harley now has a rival stepping up to the plate, days could be numbered when Harley starts to lose some market share to Polaris. Polaris is making some good business moves in the market, especially buying up the Indian brand, time will tell if that was a good move or not. Harley does have a few things going for it, the company has a very big following of customers that are die hard loyal, it built this base with fantastic and targeted marketing. This is something that Polaris has yet to achieve or understand, in order to win over the Harley market, they have to keep putting out a quality product, but also have to attach a legacy to their product someone wants to be a part of.

Polaris has some time to achieve a good market, it took Harley over 100 years to build its brand, Polaris is the new kid on the block and will need to learn hard lessons over time. One lesson that Polaris failed to do right off the bat with the Indian Brand, they didn’t establish a good nationwide dealership network, secondly, they overpriced the Indian. Most of the Indian models you can just go buy a Harley equivalent and have the piece of mind knowing a dealership is right down the road if helps needed.The Indian Brand has been through many hands in the past, it’s a historic scooter, just no one knew how to match Harleys message. Right now Polaris is the best chance the Indian brand has, it’s now backed up by a company with the money to do something with it. Many Indian fans are hoping for just that, make the Indian great again.

Meanwhile, Polaris launched the Victory model in 99. It was something ugly at first and I would never give it a second look back then. When Arlen Ness came aboard with Victory the Jackpot was introduced, now that was an American Ride. Now in 2016 Victory went back to its roots and started making space ships, well that’s what they look like anyway. No one wants to be seen on something as ugly as the Cross Country, come on really? Polaris is only beginning it’s business and repeating mistakes it made right out of the gate, people want a great looking ride, something that will get them some tail, not something they will get them beat up.

The engineering is there, Polaris has a great name in Off Road, they need to stick the money into the Victory Brand redesigning it to compete for market share with Harley. Without seriously investing in the brand it will eventually fade out, that’s something that could happen in only a few riding seasons.

Kudos for the Ice Project, that surely shows what American Workmanship can accomplish. But to make it in the USA market and especially take on a giant like Harley-Davidson, you have to step up to the plate wanting to hit a home run with the customer base, not and single or double. That’s a half-ass attempt that will always fail.


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Open Letter To Harley-Big Changes Needed

By: James “Topfuel”Macecari

Harley has been “King of the Road” for 113 years, many of its competitors have come and went, it fought two World Wars, faced down a Great Depression. The list goes on and on what this great American Icon has wrestled with for the title “King of the Road”. Every kid growing up riding a bicycle at some point or another wanted that bicycle to be a Harley Davidson, I know when I was a kid I wanted mine to be, I use to look up to the Bikers that lived on my street in amazement.

Harley has changed with the times since it’s inception, it taught the masses what American quality and workmanship were all about, most of all Harley taught all of us what is was about to be American. Every generation found something in different when experiencing a ride on a Harley Davidson. They found freedom, adventure, pride and most of all a brotherhood and sisterhood that is unmatched by any other brand. Let’s just say that Honda, though it might be a good bike, don’t carry the same pride as someone who owns a Harley Davidson.

Now don’t get your panties all in a bind, Harley isn’t the only good bike out there. Sure Victory, Indian, Honda and even Yamaha has some good models out there, but take a double look when one rides by and see where the design all started from. The V-Twin and road design all came from Harley, they do say the best form of flattery is when someone duplicates a good idea.

With all the good Harley-Davidson has done for this country and it’s customers, it still has some work to be done in the modern age. The new generation of biker is not the same core customer base Harley use to depend on. Old timers were just happy getting out in the wind and tearing up the asphalt, today’s generation is more sophisticated thanks to an overabundance of technology and expectations. Harley was able to catch onto the accessories market, they made it a point to involve aftermarket companies into the mix, which was a fine decision to do, especially since those accessories sell bikes.

In my opinion, though the company has relied too heavily on the clothing and accessories market. I believe that the company needs to put more into development of new models, yes the lines out there are the ones we have grown to love, why not try what Ford and Chevy have done? Bring back some nostalgia to the mix with today’s technology. Now I know companies like S&S make the Shovelhead knockoffs, but what if Harley came out with a special edition FLH with a brand new Shovelhead design? Talk about a scooter flying off the showroom floor.

Could you imagine if Harley brought back a Panhead or Knucklehead design with current technology? These are idea’s that can get the stagnant sales moving again at Harley, plus it would put pressure on the other manufacturers like Indian and Victory to up their game. This competition would not only be good for Harley but for bikers as well, let’s face it Harley and the others are starting to price out the core buyers.


Pricing is another issue Harley needs to seriously work on, especially with the talk of another recession looming. It is true Harley is an investment now, unlike the days where you could pick one up for a few thousand dollars, but when you start pricing too high then you run the risk of oversaturation in the used market and you can’t sell new.

One other issue that really needs to be dealt with by the company is their dealerships, the customer service in most of the dealerships is god awful unless you are a part of their HOG chapter. The company is finally campaigning for a more inclusive female presence and you have the dealerships treating any women walking through the door like some idiot, I’ve seen that one myself. Most of all the dealerships need to educate their employees on the product when I go up to the parts counter to order something I expect the employee to know what the hell I’m talking about, not give some dumb look.

I’m hopeful Harley can make some positive changes to the company, after all, this is a company that sprung an entire lifestyle. The company was great this whole time leading up to today, but does it have the leadership to recognize some of the issues it has to take it into the future? Only time will tell.

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Outlaw Motorcycle Club-An Inside Report

The message communicated and received was direct and honest. Outlaw motorcycle clubs are not the Boy Scouts but that does not make them gangs or criminals despite law enforcement’s label. The Mongols took a risk that ultimately benefited everyone involved in outlaw motorcycle club culture. (Source: Speed Direction)

Lisa Ling  a reporter with CNN got an a inside look at the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

On October 7th, 2015 a special aired on CNN about the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The Mongols took a risk involving the Media, one that eventually paid off for all motorcycle clubs. Lisa Ling conveyed an honest, fair, and balanced look at what goes on within the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The club is just one of many that operate worldwide. Many of us know of the Hells Angels, Outlaws, Warlocks and others, the Mongols are made up primarily of Hispanics that started out in California and grew to be a worldwide club.

The report that Lisa Ling submitted was nothing short of fantastic. It showed true 1%ers and what they stood for. The Mongols were honest in answering what it took to become part of their club, the prospecting process as it should be was explained. What a brotherhood was truly about, something that lacks substance in most clubs today. You can see from the report why the Mongols have grown the way they have, unlike clubs who build off the internet like the Iron Order or another fly by nights.


Society loves it’s Outlaws, the United States has always celebrated the likes of Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Coal Younger and more. Outlaws give us a sense of freedom from what society thinks a man should do with his life. Outlaws live by their own rules, their own goals, most important they work hard at just getting by in life.

The Feds, which include the FBI, ATF, DEA has always made it their business to go after clubs like the Mongols for anything they can trump up. Rico is the favorite weapon of choice for law enforcement against motorcycle clubs. A case usually starts out by some snitch getting caught up on something and turning it into a club thing, snitches use the trust of the club to get out of what they did, bringing anyone and everything down with them. This is the stuff the citizens know about Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs, the initial reports the cops give the media. What is awful is the fact that the citizens don’t get to see the outcome of those reports, 9 times out of 10 the charges are dropped because of lack of evidence.


Why do most bikers look up to the Outlaw Image? After all, it was that image that has driven us to become freer as a lifestyle, rebel against society and take shit from no one. It’s pretty simple if you look deep down, these men spent a great deal of time earning the trust of their brothers, they went through hell to wear that patch, devoted their lives to something greater than themselves. Personally, I don’t think it’s just the parties and riding, I don’t think it’s the image of raising hell that gets most people’s imagination flowing. I believe it’s the dedication to a cause, one most people cannot accomplish that sets up how we perceive 1%ers.

The Iron Order and other internet clubs try to duplicate what the real 1%er clubs have, this is why you see them in pictures all the time acting a fool, (Still can’t get the gay shit they do, being on their knees all the time and all) acting a fool in public, most of all thinking they are something they are not. Ask yourself if clubs like Iron Order put in the work to earn the patch they wear, did they go through the trials to earn the right to earn your respect as a fellow rider?


How did this documentary help other Motorcycle Clubs? It showed the world the true inside of what happens in a 1%er club, not something that is spoon-fed to the masses by the Government. The Government has grown so desperate in taken down the Mongols that it went all the way as to say that they can’t trademark their logo. Can you believe the low and blatant disregard for the first amendment?

All the clubs out there, many do not get along, be it differences in a territory or something that happened 40 years ago. One thing I hope everyone can agree with, we as a lifestyle need to back those who put the work and dedication into joining a brotherhood. It was these men that led the lifestyle to where it is today. The originals took some hard lumps from the law to make it cool to wear that leather jacket today, some even served hard time for your rights to enjoy the open road. No matter if you are an independent, a supporter of one club over the next, make sure to give a wave to a patch holder while on the road.


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Cops start turning on cops who claim Iron Order

Well isn’t this a surprise? Cops breaking the blue code! Seems like police officers around the country are getting tired of their comrades acting like something they are not. The shooting in Denver has started a firestorm within the mainstream media that is finally letting the world know that cops are not god but in fact a bunch of hypocrites with a badge.

“These types of cops that join these motorcycle clubs are assholes and acting like outlaw bikers and deserve everything they get,” the law enforcement source said, coming down on them for flying colors and lower and upper rockers like other OMGs but then trying to say they are above committing crime. “If it’s a legitimate club then they wouldn’t be anywhere near the Mongols.”

Read the full article here


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